Thread for TTOP Paint Jobs!

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  1. Here's mine. Factory medium cabernet red repainted.

  2. 88 - Last of the TTOPS... Black with metallic blue pearl- its basically black at night, and metallic blue in the sun. Going with a stock hood this spring if the KB allows, if not, Mach 1.
    Also, I have since went 5 lug, with chome 04 cobra wheels. Ill take pics once the snow melts !!!
  3. Beautiful car.
  4. louvers = teh s3x :)

  5. Love the black four eye, think thats my next project.
  6. Really nice cars in this thread. 87ttopstang---That blue GT with the Saleen wheels is completely bada$$!!!!!!! :nice: Nice car! I love the color and the wheels just sets it off!
  7. Thanks, personally I think that Saleen wheels are the best choice for Fox GT's. Just my opinion though.
  8. I agree 100%. More of a fact than an opinion....hehe:D
  9. well anyone gonna answer me about izaks bumper
  10. I too also agree, one of the best choices for a Ford rim on a fox!

    And as far as the trim goes, your car is probably the only car for me that would be a toss up with the black and blue. The way you have it works though, so don't change it.
  11. I don't plan on it. Its been that way since 96 when it was painted. I agree though, it doesn't work on some cars.

  12. why thank you :D
    but theres a lot of really nice 4-eyes on here. like hissincobras car, and his brothers blue 86 :drool:
  13. bumper bumper
  14. Your Car is so HOTTTT. I have a 86 black T-Top a lot like it, I absolutely love the wheels on your car
  15. Did they ever make TTops for Notch's?
  16. Yes- very very rare
  17. Wow i wish i had mine painted.. Im going with a tungston gray metallic for mine. Should be painted by mid summer. I would just rather finish my engine first..
  18. Yes they did and they are hard to find and very expensive if you buy a clean rust free one.
  19. i cant wait till im done with my 86 t-top :)
  20. i cant wait till im done with my 86 t-tops :)