Thread for TTOP Paint Jobs!

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  1. holy **** what happened....
  2. I'm going to make a removable hard top for my 'vert. Project TTops will be on-way!

    This is gonna suck. :nice:
  3. blown 5.0 did you switch over to vert side mirrors? izak that grille insert must go
  4. the last year for the t-tops they came that way this was the main reason why i bought an 88 instead of an 87.i hope mine will look as good as blown 5.0s car in a few years.
  5. this isn't mine, it belongs to a member here, black87gtbeauty, it's black + some chrome metal flake

    this is why I want a black t-top:


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  6. It is funny how most newer Mustang wheels look BETTER on fox bodies than they do the cars they came on from the factory. Seriously!!

    03 Cobra's...better
    03 Anniv....better
    18" Saleens...better



    Oh yeah my car. 91 notch with 97 Cobra wheels. Wouldn't take them off for any other wheel. But when they were on my 97 Cobra, I wanted them off ASAP!!
  7. Thats because you have the same sickness as everyone else in here. If it is stock, and everyone else has them on their car, you want something different.
  8. woot! 97 cobras. lol


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  9. thanks :)

    post up some pics of yours if you have any.
  10. Thank you! Although, my car is nowhere near the excellent condition of yours.
  11. Eventually you will do everything you want to do to it. It just takes time. I'm finally at the point where I haven't even taking the cover off of it this winter. This has to be the first winter I have not had it torn apart changing something. It is a good feeling. Although I must admit, I do miss working on it.

    Good thing there is a fairly stock 2005 in the garage to occupy my time. :D
  12. I hear ya. My progress has been a bit slow, but I try to do 1 "significant" project a year at the minimum. I just posted what I did because it was a bit of an honor to have you post compliments of my car when you are the owner of yours :)

    Where in Ontario are you? I'd love to see your car in person some day.
  13. I live near Toronto. You should really think about coming to the Greater Toronto Area Mustang Club's summer BBQ. There is usually about 300 mustangs there. It is the weekend after the All Ford Nationals.
  14. Hmmm - sounds sweet! However, I think I'm going to need a passport by then with the new laws that are going into effect :nonono:
  15. Couple pictures of my previous T-top 86GT..