Three Hours Today Detailing The Money Pit.

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  1. Figured I try out the new Mother's Powerball on the shiny parts and a coat of Zaino. On top of detailing the wifey's new 2013. Did I mention it was like 90 degrees out.

    Now... sitting back with a nice tall Jack N Coke.

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    Can't wait to get rid of that ugly luggage rack trunk lid with the smooth one and Cobra Wing.
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  2. Well I decided years ago Jack and I have no business talking to each other but I am great friends with sailor Jerry. If it wasn't for all the rain I would have been doing the same. I did manage to bissel the interior and throw some amor all on the dash before things went south though. Drove the car to Tallahassee and back. Things smelled great inside. Sipping a fat rum and coke as I type.
  3. Diggin' the dice in the mirror and I've always liked the luggage racks, but pick your baskin robins flava :cheers: car looks Great!!
  4. Car looks great man!

    How I don't miss that Florida weather :cool:
  5. Very sharp!
  6. Btw Mike what do you use on the engine bay?? Someone recomended tire shine stuff, ever use it??
  7. Looking good!
    I plan to spend some quality time with mine this weekend.
    I need to do some deep cleaning....especially under the hood.
    I kind of like the luggage rack myself. I plan to keep mine.
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  8. For black stuff and trim I use Maguire's back to black, On polished stuff I use first never dull, then mother's chrome polish on a powerball and twice a year flitz
  9. Clean brotha, just clean!
  10. Theres a vert around town with a cobra wing on it.. One of the worse things ive seen.
  11. Spent a little time cleaning my 91 vert today as well. I didn't do much under the hood though.
    I wore myself out before I got to it. Sucks getting old :D
    IMG_0116.JPG IMG_0219.JPG IMG_0223.JPG
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  13. I noticed that you have 94-04 style seats in your vert. How hard were they to install? Did you have o modify the tracks or mounting?
    I like the way they look.
  14. I installed 95 seats in my odd vert and they bolted right in.
  15. Not hard at all. Any 94-04 bolt right in. All you need to do is a fab a jumper wire for the driver power seat as the connectors are different than the fox body seat. You will love the 6 way adjustment and the newer seats are much more supportive. The only difference is the driver sits about 1 inch higher than the fox body seat.

    Biggest problem is finding a decent pair that aren't ripped or worn out. I found mine on CL and paid $350 for the fronts with the tracks and sold my cracked old worn out fronts for $ net it cost me $50 and the ride :nice:

    The bigger problem is the rears do not swap out without major fabbing, welding, and cutting, so for now the stock rears stay.
  16. Yeah, I know what you mean.
    I went out to LKQ auto salvage and they had a couple of 2000 models but they were toast. I'll keep checking back because they only charge $30 a seat:)
  17. Now that its clean, you're taking it to Packy's Saturday night right? I'll see you there.
  18. I spend 4 hours on mine without doing the engine bay and it doesn't look this good!
  19. I still need to redo the seat upholstery and eventually I plan to get it painted. For now, it'll work:)

  20. I think the Cobra wing would be a mistake. I know that the majority of vert owners cannot WAIT to get rid of the luggage rack but I think they are growing on me again.

    Not for just pure aesthetic value, but there's some value lent by being OEM. Before long, it'll be the ones that still have it, that are rare.

    You have a really nice looking combo going there. If it were me, I would tread very lightly about making drastic changes.

    That's just me though. :)