Three Hours Today Detailing The Money Pit.

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  1. Thanks Noobz. Damn,, now you have me 2nd guessing... lol I can always keep the stock trunk with rack and if needed swap it back. I know my limitations and was never a body man, so I need to have the wing and trunk prepped and painted. So far the best quote I have is $500 which seems a little high, but I don't want an Earl Scheib job either.

    @VibrantRedGT , was cleaning it up today when I noticed the rear driver window wasn't working, Sure enough, had to replace the motor.. Good thing when I go to the JY I pull spare motors, switches, etc. It's the 2 year anniversary so they are expecting about 60 cars tonight
  2. That there might be good option.
  3. ^^^^ Keep the rack!!!!! :nice: