Fuel Throttle Body, Intake, Exhaust = Bigger Injectors?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by reeemy, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. so i just picked up a mustang 95 gt 5.0 L about half a year ago. i am still learning and doing a lot of research. right now it has an intake and full exhaust no cats. i am planning to get a 65mm or 70mm edelbrock throttle body. I've met some dude who is into muscle cars and says i will be needing bigger injectors? i did research and saw that injectors aren't really needed until more air induction (cams, intake manifold, etc) i will only be having intake throttle body and exhaust (straight piped) as of now and research showed that the stock ones can hold up to 300hp which I'm pretty sure mine is not. haha. any suggestions? thank you
  2. Until you do the heads there is not much need for bigger injectors unless you do a power adder. Once the heads/cam/intake are done #24lb injectors are usually needed. There is a graph that shows the power level for each injector size but I dont have it saved. And keep in mind that power levels for injectors is rated for power at the engine not a the rear wheels
  3. Your stock injecters should be fine with your rig up to 300hp.

  4. No injectors needed like above, the Cold Air Induction you have is not a "intake" in our language. Save your money, the TB alone will not yeild you much if any power..wait to you want to swap out the intake manifold, cylinder heads and cam.