Throttle Body on a V6?

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  1. I know this may seem like a stupid idea but does anyone know of any aftermarket throttle bodies that'll fit an 05 mustang v6 because the increase in power of that alongside a cold air intake and a flash would be huge. Definitely enough to smoke a GT. Anyway Does anyone know any info on a possible throttle body or even a MAFS for the v6's yet? Its just a question that had to be asked. Another one is if anyone thinks that one of the edelbrock 70mm or 75mm throttle body may fit? Again I just had to ask.
  2. enalborno,

    I have not located a throttle body that will work with the DBW (drive-by-wire) technology. I do know that there is a CAI with SCT X-calibrator flash kit available for around $600 from Realistically, you are looking at about 10-15 gain at most.

    Only way to get a MAFS replacement is with one installed on a kit, programmed to a hand-held device tuned for the CAI.

    With the electronic modulation of the 05, you will need to cautious about change outs and modifications to the intake/induction system. Changes in the intake system or adding an induction system will cause the ECU to throw your air/fuel ratio out.

    Note: Smoking a GT is not goning to happen with the TB and CAI/Flash. You are needing to make up at least 90 bhp and to translate that to the rear wheels would indicate about 104 hp at the fly, factoring in parastatic loss in the drive train.

    You may want to go review some of the comments under the thread "Blown" Epic for V-6 Mustang....."

    Good Luck.

  3. I wonder if CAI/Flash, sitcky tires and a set of 4.10s would give a V6 enough to beat a stock GT 0-60 and/or 1/4 mile.

    It would be really cool to see a NA V6 at the track giving some stock GT owners a wake-up call.
  4. The V6 would still need a lot more than has to compensate for about 100 more hp and tq. That stuff above might get you halfway there but you need something like a blower/nitrous to put you over a GT. Heads/Cams/Longtubes might get you there as well if you have al the rest of the bolt ons.
  5. Won't even get you close... LOL!

    Throttle bodies have been tested and shown basically ZERO gains on the dyno...

    Guys with all the easy bolt-on: muffler/CAI/Tune/Pulley usually end up just over 200RWHP... compared to the 270ish RWHP of a GT...

    And actually the Stock Air box isn't all that bad... it does pretty good up to about 4000 RPM...

    Going to take a power adder to beat a GT.... unless of course you meant like a mid-90's GT... LOL!
  6. this thread is about a year old. tons of information about the V6 mustang has been learned first hand from many enthusiastic V6 owners. scrming said it best, it will take a power adder to beat a 3V GT.

  7. LOL!! that top date sure had me fooled .... :lol:

    I was just getting ready to welcome Jen back.

    btw / where'd she go anyway? and why?
  8. I second that!! I had LTs, CAI, 3.73s, Prochamber, Detroit TT, and JBA mufflers (dual system) and I was strong but not 270 RWHP strong!! More like 230-40. I could have probably surprised a GT at a light, but beat him... Methinks not!! But he wouldn't have obliterated me. Add some suspension work and you could be close to keeping up with one if the GT was bone stock. Unless he missed a shift, you would be close, but no cigar.

    Now, though, it is a different story!!

    Still, a GT with Bolt-ons can pull a 13.09 @ 106 (Firestang), which is pretty damn good IMO!! These 3v 4.6s are no joke!! But nor are our little ponies!! These are very "torquey' engines (truck engines), so build up that torque N/A and get the power to the ground, and it could be a driver's race.

    Or go cheap and get nitrous...