Mach 1 Throttle body Question

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by botis05, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. I'm looking at buying the Accufab twin 60mm TB for my Mach 1 but have a few reservations and was wondering if anyone who has purchashed this TB can give me some feedback.

    I installed a BBK twin 62mm TB some time back. I did see a 10hp gain but I eventually had to throw the stock TB back on due to idle problems. No matter what I tried I couldn't get the BBK to idle below 1500rpms. It would be fine for a day or two but would get all crazy on me and stay that way for a bit and then be normal again. I went to every performance shop on the block and nobody could figure out what the problem was.

    Has anyone had these problems with the accufab? and any suggestions on how to fix the problem with the BBK?
  2. No offense, but I just don't understand why people go through the hassle and expense of replacing things like throttle bodies, for very little, if any, performance gains. The stock one works just fine, even in FI applications.
  3. No offense taken.

    Power gains for the price I paid weren't bad. I scored the BBK for $120. I'm out of country right now and don't have the dyno sheet for that day but we threw it on a dynojet with the stock TB and I was running 305 rwhp and the torque I don't remember off the top of my head, not important anyways as there really was no gain in that area. Threw the BBK on and was running 315 rwhp, with a tune of course.

    Why a new TB? Just for the heck of it really. Gains aren't that great I know. About to throw a ported intake on when I get back so i figured might as well have the whole intake from start to finish larger than stock. Whats $350 for a new TB when I'm about to throw $800 into a new intake.
  4. seems like replacing the throttle body is hit or miss as far as having issues. There is a sticky about it over on m1r I believe.
  5. accufab TB

    :nice: I put a accufab TB on and it took a wile for the rpms to drop but once it did it seamed to be fine but just like the stock TB if I stay at the same rpms for a couple of miles when I let off the gas it some times hangs around 2 grand but I don’t have a problem with it just stab the throttle or shift it normally does the trick. For the little bit of problems I say its worth it especially with exhaust chip and jlt could air intake.