Throttle Body Spring Broke

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  1. I was checking out my throttle body a bit on my 94 GT and it just plain broke off. It was weird....I barely moved it.......I don't know how I was able to drive around and it not busting. Anyone know where to find a new spring ?
  2. junk yard
  3. The spring off an articulated desk lamp usually works, just like the spring will out of a pen will fix the fixed pitch head on a Ryobi weed whacker. J/K. If you go down to Advance, they have a mutlipack of throttle springs in the HELP section. One of those will be close enough to work.

  4. ok....ill try that
  5. I had to get a new spring too. Went the "multipack" route , they suck. They don't have enough tension, the gas pedal is real ez to push and the revs hang some when you let off the gas. But as far as I know that is the only aftermarket alternative to junkyard dogs. New throttlebodies don't even come w one I don't think
  6. There are two springs at play here. One to assist in the throttle cable returning to it's at rest position. The other is the one on the TB which returns the throttle valve back to the closed position. The TB is critical because if it breaks you may be left with a WOT condition. The cable return spring will likely be strong enough to pull back the throttle valve to the closed position. I personally like the pedal light touch. Guaranteed new TB's have a throttle return spring. If you have a hanging idle due to a weak spring it can only be the spring on the TB. What you are seeing is most likely a ECU command that allows the rpm's to drop in a controlled manner vs. just having the throttle being slammed into the closed position causing a rapid drop in the rpm's.
  7. You have to rework the spring with a pair of pliers usually. I mean a generic spring you have to rework. Make it shorter, make it longer, to get it to have the right tension.

  8. Please tell me you are not referring to the spring on the TB. Screwing around with this spring is an invitation to disaster. If it's replaceable, replace it, or otherwise get a new TB and spring. The throttle cable spring is a whole different matter with quite different consequences if it fails.
  9. I would personally just go to the junk yard and grab a new (err used) one.
  10. My TB spring broke while racing and my car was stuck WOT bouncing off the rev limiter for a few seconds before I turned it off. I rigged it up to get back home but on the way I wasn't running on 8 cylinders. Took the valve covers off and couldn't find anything. Then my sunglasses fell off my head and landed on a rocker arm which moved. What? Culprit-Broken valve spring. Steeda Hi-Rev valve springs my arse.
  11. Not the one that's directly on the throttle body, but the spring that goes from the throttle body to the bracket. You know, the straight spring. I'm saying that if you buy a new generic one, you had to adjust the length of the ends with a pair of pliers to get the tension right. I don't know if anyone sells a new factory replacement for that spring or not. I think I saw one a long time ago.

  12. That's the throttle cable return spring. That's there to maintain some tension on the cable. That one you can play with without too much worry.
  13. Car actually ran better without it. The weird surge went away completely. Seems to be tons quicker now.
  14. Is the "it" the broken spring?
  15. indeed. haha
  16. I assure you there is no linkage between these events.