Throttle Body

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  1. So not a big hit with the TB and 80mm PRO-M?

  2. Jake

    Please explain :shrug:

  3. I have a BBk unit and have had no problems with it.

    I haven't ran the car since it was bone stock 4 years ago. I did get some better throttle response, but other then that I couldn't tell you. Plus it's been on for two years.
    When I bought it, I was going to do heads and cam, but that plan has changed along with my bank account.
  4. WERD!
    We got our order together, had them polished at the same shop, had them put on within 2 weeks of each other, and so far no problems for either.

    I believe they were $179 at Summit, then we paid $40 to have the top half (visible half) polished. No regrets at all!
  5. I was just wondering if you got your TB and 80mm PRO-M MAF on yet and if you noticed a difference?

  6. i have the bbk 70mm as well. i got the throttle body when all i had were exhaust mods and an intake. i saw no gain with it, but knew what my plans were for the car and bought it anyway. i would much rather spend the money once and grow into the parts than buy smaller now and need to upgrade later.
  7. If you get a 65mm now, you will have to grow A LOT for that not to be sufficient.

    I was in a shop last year and read an article from like 3-4 yrs ago in 5.0 where a 70mm LOST HP on a motor with just exhaust done. The 65 had some gain.

    The TB is an OVERRATED "power" mod!

  8. Yes I got them on the car.

    Put the tb on first cause it was an easy install and I wanted to see how much of a gain I got.

    Tweecer showed I moved more air with the 65mm for sure. Low & mid range rpm felt stronger also. Top end seemed about the same but remember still using stock maf and catback at that time.

    The Pro-m 80mm is big *** I'm talking really big!!!

    I got it in the fender with a home made cai but not going to keep it that way. I was going to use a power pipe but that deal fell kinda fell by the wayside due to a different kind of pipe from what I was told.

    I'm still dialing in the maf curve which means spark is pulled back and no WOT stuff so I can't say anything about what gain the maf will bring. I made a pull at 1/3 throttle to about 4k and Tweecer showed more air moved over same kind of pull with stock maf. To me that is a good sign.