throttle body ?

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  1. 1. Gears will only hurt your fuel economy if you do a lot of highway driving because of the increased cruising rpms. If you're just putting around town at 50mph or less, you really won't see a change in mpg at all. I've heard claims of 2-3 mpg loss after gears at the very most.

    2. No matter what people will say, speed density can handle some amount of engine modification. With some tweaking, I've even seen it handle H/C/I. While it is a good idea to run MAF when you really start to open the engine up, a TB is not going to overcome the SD. The modifications you see in my sig work just fine on my SD car, and I have no problems with lean operation.

    Why are you so against it? Its not like its a step in the wrong direction, and it will open up when he does decide to go with a better intake and/or heads. If he is going to do it sooner or later, he might as well do it now, seems to me. Sounds like his heart is set on it, haha, so let him be! :D
  2. I'm not against it, I'm just trying to get through to him that it will do absolutely nothing for him. He would be much better off by putting the money towards something that will actually improve his performance.

    Maybe he should put a parachute on the back too while he's at it. After all, he may need it someday as well.
  3. Wythors has a point though. Sure it won't hurt to add a bigger t-body but considering the lack of bang for the buck; for now I would spend that money elsewhere. A t-body can always be added later when 87WhiteMustang does more upgrades. He seems to be looking for something that will give immediate results and he just isn't going to get that from a t-body at this point.

    edit: Treed by Wythors. :lol: Oh well.
  4. This is why I stay out of Stangnet Daycare.

    It's definateley 3 but when the car was rated at 16-18 in the first place it makes a hell of a lot more of a difference than mommy's honda civic. 30 mpg's in a car down to 27 isn't bad, 19-20 (what I got with a fresh motor and bigger cam in my 86) down to 15-16 is a hell of a difference.

    Jesus it's like I'm Alice and Wonderland is on strike so I'm stuck sitting in a dream world and it doesn't deliver. Does that make sense to anyone? :shrug:

    Highway driving will net you better gas mileage than city no matter what unless you have 5.56's or some crazy **** in it man WTF???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Seriously dude?????? Jesus

    I've had one drink and this is heading nowhere fast I'm out. PM me dude if you need any advice I'm here most days- Nice car bro :nice:

  5. Well now that you mention it thats a good gonna go look at some chutes let me know which ones you prefer...

    but seriously i am thinking about getting the 70mm TB and a BBK Intake manifold?? sound good?
  6. If your car is still speed density, I would get MAF. It will make tuning easier especially if you plan intake manifold, heads, etc,.
  7. You can also gain some upper RPM HP by retarding the cam 4 degrees. I did this when I had the stock cam and it registered nicely on the "Seat O The Pants" meter.

  8. What?
  9. BBK SSI Intake Warning

    Read before you decide.
  10. 4.10's are fun for sure but if highway driving consider a 6-speed with the taller gears, I'm using a 5-speed now, and it's ok around town but anything over 90 on the freeway is pretty revy
  11. My opinion....

    Save the cash for the 70mm TB and pick up a used Explorer intake for $100 with throttle body and injectors. The 65mm TB is plenty capable for a stockish engine and the explorer intake will bolt on with few mods and provide much more bang for the buck than a 70mm TB.

    I consider this the gateway mod because #1) once you rip apart the top end of a 5.0 and see how easy it'll gain confidence and be thinking about heads and camshaft swaps...and #2) it's actually a pretty fun project.

    And as for gearing...i hate my 3.73's with a passion. I feel like i'm driving a MAC truck having to shift all the time. I'd definitely dropping down to a 3.27 gear as my car is used 90% for spirted driving.

    My gas mileage blows too, but driving style plays a role here. I don't understand how guys claim 30MPG highway with 3.73's. I keep my car in tip top shape mechanically and can barely get better than 20MPG.
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  12. By using a larger tb it will affect the port velocity. By lowering port velocity you will effect low end torque a little but increase top end hp a little .Bigger is not always better in a street car.
  13. That's if the TB is a restriction. With the upper intake setup, the lower intake is probably more of a restriction and the TB may not affect velocity at all.

    The stock intake opening is about 58mm. So opening up the Tb to 70mm may not have a significant impact.

    Short of dyno testing every combo, this is all theory
  14. First off, this is a 2 year+ old thread. Second off, throttle body has absolutely nothing to do with port velocity.
  15. Ugh...necrobumping...

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  16. Hahaha...I just noticed it was from 2008 too...I was gonna say why hasn't any body told the guy to advance his timing....made my stang feel alot more aggressive with a 10° advance..just put it in 5th gear when doin 25 MPH, if it pings bring it back down a on MAF idk about SD
  17. Have you looked at a stock MAF? There is THE major restriction! I wish I would have seen the budget upgrade link before I bought my BBK MAF. The BBK works well, but I would have saved big bucks. That, the 70mm TB, and a ported upper made a big seat of the pants difference! Tires - shmires! They go up on smoke if I want now.
  18. I just got my Mustang what mufflers will give me the most power!