Throttle by wire?

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  1. I understand the new Mustang will have an electronically controlled throttle. This scares me a little only because Ford shares technology with Mazda and my Mazda6 has it. The Mazda seemed soft for 220 HP and I couldn't put my finger on it. After going into I found out it's throttle lag and the fix is to ground the throttle body which is not connected to any metal part of the engine (the intake is plastic). I hope the Mustang doesn't suffer from this problem. High tech is nice but there is a limit to what we need or even want.
  2. I have a 6 as well and noticed the lag. I did the throttle grounding mod and it helped but it still doesn't always respond as well as it should. I also hope it's not a problem in the Mustang.
  3. Not likely that they would make a throttle lag issue with a car like the mustang. A mazda isn't exactly the epitome of performance but a mustang has always been about light to light torque. I dont think throttle by wire is bad if it is designed right. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

  4. The issue is that both the 6 and the Mustang use the EEC-V ECU, which controls the throttle by wire. Hopefully the Mustang programming is better. Some theories suggest the problem lies in the traction control system, which modulates the throttle to control traction. I've turned off the TCS in my 6 and I don't see alot of difference.
  5. I'd bet that throttle by wire is faster than a cable, and that any slowness on the Mazda6 is somewhat deliberate. It'll probably be fine on the Mustang, and if it gives us actual working traction control, okay by me.
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  7. Throttle by wire can be tuned right, but it takes a little trial and error. My dad's '03 4Runner has it and it's not bad, feels just like any other large SUV. I've never driven a corvette with it but I imagine it's pretty good.
  8. I've driven/worked with tons of GM cars with electronic throttle control. When it's tuned properly, you can't even tell it's there. And in fact, it can not only save gas by closing the throttle on coasting, etc, but can save your ass in the even that you stomp on it in park/neutral.

    That said.. it's a **** to tune. Electronic throttle systems, because they have the potential to be DISASTEROUS if something goes wrong, are EXTREMELY secure and hard to tamper with. Not fun for modders.
  9. Sigh, they just keep making everything more complicated for modders. It's become so bad that they're actually trying to get legislation passed to get automakers to stop making it impossible for normal people to work on their cars.
  10. My 2003 Lincoln LS has EEC-V and throttle by wire. Initially it had some throttle lag and trannie shifting issues. After the latest software update I have no complaints, the car and engine are GREAT! :nice: :nice:

    You guys worrying about the throttle by wire on on '05 stang are wasting your time. It will not be a problem.
  11. Don't blame the auto makers. The primary driving force for ETC is the new more stringent emission regulations.
  12. Ford doesn't care about you wanting to modify your car. They care about meeting the standards the Gov't lays down for them so they can sell cars and make money. Throttle by wire helps them meet the standard. So they use it. It also is easier (ie..cheaper) to plug a wiring harness in than it is to route a cable to the throttle body. Plus it eliminates a way for vibration to get into the passenger cabin, which helps reduce NVH.

    Also, it's my understanding that the computer takes pedal input, current speed, and other factors into consideration and opens the throttle body exactly enough to deliver as much power as possible. This allows the airflow into the engine to occur at maximum velocity, which is when an engine makes best power. It is possible that the throttle by wire setup could be a very good thing. The more control you have over an engine, the more power you can get from it.
  13. its gonna be like windows. update all the date for better results. or maybe like video cards. i want to see them try to stop people from working on their cars. that will deff result in some unemployed legislators.
  14. No unemployed legislators yet. I have heard that some states - I believe I remember Mass., among others - have actually made it a crime to modify your own car from factory specs, and they are citing people for "incorrect height" and other nonsense. Any first hand info out there????? :shrug:

    Many subdivisions now prohibit people from working on their own cars, even inside their own garages. I wouldn't buy there, but you have to ask.. they won't tell you until after you have committed.
  15. Thats unbelievable (not sarcastic), is that law still in effect? I wouldnt understand why legislators would want to keep people from modifying their cars :notnice:

    Trying to prevent modifications of cars would be like trying to prohibit alcohol again :D

  16. There's no way that can still be in effect :nonono: . That's absolutely ridiculous.
  17. yeah. u tell billy bob or hoss that they caint put big ol tires on they rig and u liable get a shotgun to the hed
  18. lol.
  19. Techincally it is illegal (in ALL states) to perform any modification to a vehicle that affects its emission system.

    Many people seem to think that if their state does not have emission inspection it is OK to change / modify / remove emission controls. This is NOT the case, it is illegal even if you do not have emission inspection.
  20. I think he was talking about in general, like adding new mufflers, a lift kit on your truck, new tires/wheels, etc.. Maybe I read it wrong..