Throttle by wire?

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  1. In my opinion technological advancement is a good thing. Throttle by wire has lead to better traction control systems, and engine management systems, which equals better performance. And also it takes the place of mechanical parts, which will eventually wear over time.
  2. That's exactly what I was talking about. I believe it came up when a guy was stopped because he had his car "jacked up" above stock ride height. I remember it was in one of the hotrod mags I read.

    Yes, I know emissions are Federally mandated... I was talking about other stuff.

    I agree, it is stoopid. But legislaters are famous for legislating stoopid things.
  3. Electronic stuff wears out over time, too. And it's not as reliable as mechanical connections. I'd just as soon stay with cable. There is a basic engineering principle that the more complex the system, the higher the failure rate. That is inescapable.
  4. Don't fear technology. Learn how to use it. It is inevitable that our cars are going to get more complex. If we fear technology. We might as well start restoring model t's
  5. Say what?

    Electronic devices are more reliable than mechanical devices. Any mechanical device is going to have some sort of wear occur when it is used.

    Are you suggesting that we go back to mechanical brakes because hydraullic brakes are not reliable? :shrug:

    Or maybe a flat head 4 cyl with an single barrel updraft carburator fed by a gas tank mounted on the fire wall that uses gravity feed would be better, just like Ford used in the Model A. :bang:
  6. :stupid:
  7. Well put!

    For the record, just in case there is any confusion as to wether or not the Mustang will be cable or wire; it is indeed a throttle by wire system. There will be no cable in Mustangs anymore.
  8. Some articles say throttle by wire improves performance some say it hurts it. I hate to make any judgements before I actually drive the car.
  9. I am sorry, but I must dispute this statement. An electrical connection will have a much greater transient response time and be far more accurate than a mechanical connection. This thread is filled with fallacy and misinformation, fellow stangers please do your research before you post and misinform those unsuspecting, and just out to seek valid information, and this is how rumors and myths get started. The benefits of a by-wire system far supersede those of a mechanical connection, as far as emissions, drivability, safety, fuel consumption, throttle response and smoothness are concerned. With the implementation of a by-wire system you are replacing a mechanical system that is smaller, safer and more efficient and by all accounts that is just good engineering. Aircraft and many other defense systems have long switched to by-wire systems because of these very benefits. I can’t wait to the automobile industry fully adopts this technology and starts to implement brake by-wire, steer by-wire and such systems.
  10. I had the impression from driving vehicles equipped with that technology, that there was significant lag, but after re-reading about the technology yesterday, I was wrong.

    I'm still not pleased with it though.
  11. Sorry, but you will never catch me driving a car with brake or steer by wire.
    Just call it the:
    "Crash my @#! into a brick wall when I blow a fuse and cant stop or steer"
    system. :notnice:

    I am fairly certain neither one of these technologies is on the way. There is something reassuring when you know that if you have an electrical failure, you wont have to open the door and drag your feet on the ground.

  12. Hey don’t get angry at the world just because you rather change the channel on your TV using a rotary knob because using one of those remote things is some form of witchcraft. I beg to differ. Maybe not in the few years but differently within the foreseeable further will some form of these technologies be implemented into passenger automobiles.
  13. I believe there are actually a few cars out now that have brake by wire. And everyone knows perfectly well. That noone will be crashing into walls when they blow a fues. It's a little thing called product liability. If the system had that kind of potential problem. It would never be made.
  14. Wow, didnt intend to come accross as angry or bitter. Instead, let me pose it
    as a question:
    What kind of backup system does a vehicle with brake by wire have to insure that if the primary system fails, you can still stop the vehicle?
  15. I'm sure that there would have to be some sort of backup system and / or limp home mode. Remember that until the late 1960's hydraullic brake systems had no backup. If one brake line or cylinder started leaking, you could quickly loose ALL your brakes. I forget the first year but it wasn't until about 1967 that federal regulations mandated dual master brake cylinders so if you lost one of the lines or brakes you could still stop your vehicle.
  16. Ok, a few things about by wire systems... This is not a direct electrical connection between the gas petal and the throttle. The signal generated at the petal will be interpreted by the engine managment computer and then the throttle will open in accordance with some form of look up table or other computation.

    The benefits are programable throttle response, incorporating cruise control hardware into the throttle assembly, improved gas mileage, and potential improved performance, the TPS sensor is essentialy attached directly to the gas petal, etc... :nice:

    By wire throttle systems are in the Corvette, upper end Mercedes, BMWs, etc... Everyone is going to this system.

    Like any other new technology, if it is properly implemented, we won't even know it's there unless we look for it. :)
  17. how much are bigger throttle bodies gonna cost now? 300? 400? 500?
  18. It was so much easier back in the day of simple design. Any joe schmo could work on his car. Now u need code scanners, tools that cost way too much on and on and on. Technology is a good thing. Just think one day many many many years down the road. The worlds oil supply is gonna be completely tapped. Gone done fineto. Then drive by wire throttles wont matter.
  19. Doesn't all the technology make it easier to work on your car. Since the code scanner will usually tell you what is wrong with you car. Rather than you having to spend time trying to figure out what is wrong. It's simply a code. Go fix it see if there are any other codes. More expensive? Yes, but I as I said. The code reading theoretically makes it easier.
  20. I guess you could be right if you posses a code reader. But for the majority of people who dont own one. Then its the addeds stress of goin to the shop paying just to have it looked at then going from there. They do take the guess work outta it.