Throttle Cable Mod

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  1. I just did the throttle cable mod, and am thrilled with the improvement in throttle response. I no longer have to bury my foot into the mat to get the car moving. I hate to say it, but this simple mod made a bigger seat of the pants improvement than anything else I've done to it. Of course it doesn't add any power, but it sure feels like it. If you haven't already done it, I highly recommend it. Here is a link to the instructions... Mustangworld - 99 - 00 Gas Pedal Adjustment tip
  2. I've seen people do this here and there. I debated doing it at one point. I worry that if I use a spacer on the throttle cable, over time, the repeated mashing of the gas pedal might snap the cable since I may be putting too much tension on it.

    Opinions? Anyone else do this mod?
  3. I did it, and I much prefer the new pedal feel. I think you'd have to mash the pedal pretty dang hard to snap it. I simply used a bit of a mechanical pencil as a spacer. That cheap plastic will crack way before the cable does.
  4. You wont snap the cable. The TB has a stop on it to keep it from going too far.
  5. Also, is this something I could test with my Scangauge? If I checked the TPS reading before this mod, should it be at 100% at WOT? I know some cars will read lower than 100% at WOT. If I get a reading of less than 100% at WOT, perhaps I should do this mod?

  6. This mod is indeed the best. But... After several years, my cable snapped, right there at the end in the spacer. Stuck on the on ramp to a highway. Sucked. Had to be towed. Ford took weeks to get a new cable from Detroit.

    I hate the pedal now its back in the stock location. Its WAY WAY WAY too low. But I'm going to find a better way to shorten the cable so it doesn't fail the same way again.
  7. Maybe try a shorter spacer?? Mine has been done since the first day of owning my car and ive only broke two pedals (the plastic part). No problems with the cable at all.
  8. When i did this mod, i made the spacer a little shorter then they did on mustang world to allow it not to "bottom out" before it should. I made it long enough to take out most of the slack, cause there was definitely quite a bit of slack.
    What i did to get the proper fitment..... I would test the full throttle by holding the throttle blade open all the way, then pulled on the cable to see how tight it was, if it was too tight, i would trim the spacer accordingly til i had slight slack in the cable.
    When i tried this mod with the Bullitt intake swap, it wouldn't work. The cable already had the right amount of slack without going to tight at wide open throttle, but yet got the throttle blades fully openned.
    But this mod does work. :nice: Just be smart when doing it. ;)
  9. To clarify - it didnt snap because I was at WOT pushing on it hard and the cable broke. The spacer had gradually worn away at the cable. It broke under almost no throttle.
  10. I cut my spacer to 3/4 of an inch which left a little slack in the cable. It is still a night and day difference in throttle response. Another advantage is I don't have to worry about my floor mat interfering with the pedal anymore.
  11. I think I'm going to try this mod. My carpet had a hole wore in it from the throttle at like 70k miles, lol!
  12. Hate to dig up an old thread, but I figured an update was worth while. I was having a bit of a romp on the highway just now, and as I predicted, my cheap mechanical pencil spacer broke on me. Laster more than a year, not bad, only took about 10 minutes to fashion a new one and reinstall. I can tell you the old slack filled pedal was terrible on the way home. No signs of wear on the cable from the spacer though.

    I think I may fashion something a little sturdier though. Perhaps stack a few of those rubber washers used in faucet valve stems and glue them together with rubber cement. I think they'd make an effective spacer while providing a little give when you mash the medal so all the stress isn't on the cable.

  13. Ive heard of guys having luck with Zip Ties.
  14. Why not use a short piece of gas hose, with like 1/8 or 3/16 inner diameter, slice it place it around the cable and go around it a few times with electrical tape or use a small hose clamp.
  15. Lowes and Home Depot sell nylon spacers. They work great for this application.
  16. Its a major improvement though, just not done like that. I'd like something that you could put in the cable to make it go through a smooth S shape to shorten its length. Any ideas? I have my pedal back at the stock position again and it does indeed suck compared to having it raised nearer the brake pedal.
  17. I wonder what's causing the cable to snap after a few years in the first place. Is it the extra tension on the cable from the cable stopping the range of motion of the pedal instead of the floor or is it abrasion from whatever sort of spacer is being used? Seems like the first problem could be solved by a stopper of some sort on the floor for the pedal to hit just a hair before the cable bottoms out. The other problem could be solved by a softer material for the spacer.
  18. OR just use a spacer thats a tad bit shorter so there is a tad bit of slack in the cable still.
  19. Or there is that, I would like to point out on my 2003 gt, even without a spacer, the pedal bottoms out before it hits the floor boards. This would mean even in stock form the cable is the only thing limiting the range of motion of the pedal, all the spacer is doing is moving the pedal up.