Throttle Cable Mod

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  1. Well I made my spacer out of rubber washers glued together. I'd say the cable is more likely to wear through the spacer than the other way around.
  2. Sounds reasonable. How thick did you make it?
  3. I think it was around 3/4in. Didn't really measure. It took 5 of the little washers glued together to make it.
  4. So is it 5 washers with a slot in them for the cable, and a hose clamp or zip tie or around them? How do you like to pedal height now?
  5. The slot was so narrow I had to force it onto the cable. Since it was so hard to get on, I figure its not going to fall off on its own, so I didn't zip tie it or anything. pedal height is exactly what it was with my previous spacer.
  6. I have a 94 cobra and I'm not quite sure that I'm getting the throttle that I should be. When I got the car it already had a bbk throttle body installed. The other day I noticed a little slack in the throttle cable. My accelerator pedal is also a lot lower than the rest of the pedals. Anyone have any thoughts.... please!
  7. I used Zip-ties on mine and it made a night and day difference in response.
  8. I read about this mod back when I first started driving my old 96 GT. I was always curious as to if there was a way to do the mod at the throttle body instead.