throttle lag

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  1. :notnice: seem to take forever when i stomp the go pedel for the rpms to spool up and the car to take off. will a tune take care of this or is there a cheaper fix
  2. Common problem. It's the factory tune. A custom tune will do it but some dealers might void your warranty.
  3. thanks for the info stan
  4. Did you check the throttle cable and throttle body?? Mine was loose and that solved my problem
  5. I read somewhere that there is a procedure that will reduce the lag. I don't know if it is an Urban Legend of the Wishful Thinking Kind; I couldn't notice any difference when I tried it:
    Turn on the ignition without starting the car
    Mash the throttle pedal and hold it for ten seconds or so
    Turn off the ignition and do not start the car for ten seconds
    Start the car and revel in the absence of throttle lag

    I could just imagine hordes of Mustangers across the nation performing this little ritual, and whoever invented it laughing up his sleeve.

    It's cheaper than a "tune", though, and I don't think it hurts anything.

    Let us know if you can tell any difference.
  6. I tried franks trick and may be all in my head but i swear it comes off the line much better now
  7. these arent fox bodies here. we do not have throttle cables. the reason for the lag is cuz it is a throttle by wire. and electric signal is sent to the throttle. there is no cable.
  8. It's a temporary fix, until the computer relearns. Best bet is to get a tune, it will make a huge difference.
  9. Get a Predator or the Xcalibrator.
  10. What you posted concerning the possibility of dealers voiding Ford factory warranties ? is completely inaccurate.. Dealerships only have the authority of refusing to honor a warranty claim, If the aftermarket part or custom tune is proven to be directly related for causing failure to the parts, under the warranty claim..The bottom line is this ! they cannot void an entire Ford factory warranty, for something that may have gone wrong with you're shaker 500 ? and then attempt to blame it on the cold air intake that you may have installed, for just the sake of being there..Sheeze :bang:
  11. Well said. The techs at my local dealership had no idea the computer was reflashed.
  12. I can tell you from 1st hand experience that the trottle lag can indeed go away with a tune. Found my '05 V6's throttle lag reduced after installing the 87 octane tune (it was obvious); but it really dissapeared with the 93 octane tune. Talk about waking up the car!!

    The other aspect of using a tuner that made a big difference in getting rid of the throttle lag was turning off the traction control. Did that with my Diablo also. Incidentally, I did this independently of the standard tunes... just like adjusting for the different sized tires on the 'Stang. As for the warranty, all you need to do is whenever you're gonna take the 'Stang in for service, set the tune back to factory. That is, if you're really worried that the dealership is gonna make your life difficult.
  13. They don't even bother to look, unless there's a warranty claim issue to begin with
  14. Well said, and I couldn't agree more :D
  15. Good review.

    The feature of flashing your computer (imagine what that meant 15 years ago!) with a non-factory tune that may mess up usage of your car is the advice: "Just re-flash it with the original before you take it to the dealer, then reinstall the special one when you get it back".

    Well, see, sometimes the factory generates a "new" "standard tune" to eliminate some problem in the original. Now your dealer looks at your S/N, sees it is one likely to benefit from the "improved" tune, and flashes your "standard" as a matter of course and courtesy to you.

    You get home - or worse, before you go home - you reintroduce your "special" tune into a system on which it was not based, namely, the "improved" standard computer tune. Which your "special" tune will not correctly recognize, and if it does anything, is likely to refuse to let your errant car gobble up its old OR new tunes and there you are until you manage to get your tuner's manufacturer to send you one that matches Mr Ford's "upgraded" tune.

    Just a thought.
  16. check out the stickies in the GT tech section. there is a note from doug @ bamachips on how to prevent this mess from happening.
  17. Excellent! Nice to see a manufacturer/service provider stepping in when it's needed.
  18. Which is exactly why it's crucial that you always re-flash back to stock, before taking you're car to the dealership for servicing..However, if you happen to have a good relationship with you're dealership's service dept. ? all it takes, is just a reminder to let them know that you do not wish to have your factory computer files updated ! and they'll usually end up, honoring your request..
  19. Until you get a tuner, replace the stock muffler with a GT takeoff or something else.

    This is a big improvement over stock.

    After my duals were installed, I got +2 MPG average also.

  20. To get rid of the lag when performing WOT at any rolling speed does not require a tune. Tunes can only remove it if the tune itself turns off traction control or reduces it. So the fix is either turn off traction control or reduce it; all independent of a tune. In my 2016 Base GT, I can either turn off traction control or double tap the traction button to put in a reduced traction state called Advancetrac Sport Mode (on GT Premiums this is accomplished only in track mode) and lag goes bye bye!