Digital Tuning Throttle Response, Rpm Jumps, And Other Questions.

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  1. Figured it was time I asked a series of questions about the issues I'm facing.

    When I start with a 'cold start' my throttle response is usually poor and I figure it just has to warm up in the already warming up Texas heat. The problem is that in these cold starts the throttle response delay is upto a full second and even after its warmed to normal temperatures it's still semi-delayed from idle at a light to moving. Fix?

    Also occasionally, my RPMs shoot up an extra 900 to 1000 as if switching into overdrive off, but of course I'm not clicking the button or near it since it's on the right side of my shifter. Sometimes the RPM jump occurs for a few seconds and doesn't happen for a while. Other times it'll be going up and down 2 to 5 times before stopping. Fix or explanation or both?

    I hear a squeak when I brake, it's just the brake pads right(tossed this in here instead of googling)?

    I also sometimes hear an ahwing noise, sometimes on acceleration sometimes while turning, possibly a rubbing, I haven't a clue really. It comes from the rear.

    and finally, the oddest thing is that when at lower speeds I hear this clicking that races with the speed of my car. I inspected my wheels but they don't seem to have anything on it that is making the noise. I probably would hear it at 60 mph but too much wind and exhaust noise. This is also coming from the rear.

    Thanks to all that read or reply! :)
  2. Need some baseline data. When was the last time you did a tune-up (plugs, wires, rotor, cap, filters and cleaned the MAF. Have the O2 sensors ever been changed? Mileage? Checked the timing?
  3. Maybe I'm back to what I've been meaning to do(tune up). The story on the car is neglect and sitting. The last possible tune up it might've had was probably 07' or longer ago. 05' maybe? I've had it for four months now. Oh and the odometer wasn't working since I've received it.

    Since the engine was replaced after it blew there really isn't too much of a point in fixing the odometer other than to track mpg.
    O2 sensors I'm changing in the next month or so.

    There really isn't much of a baseline to work with:nonono:
  4. Like Toyman said.
    You must tune the car up.
    That will eliminate alot of your problems.
  5. What after market ignition box are you using?
  6. I'm not, the only thing that is aftermarket is the muffler from a previous owner. Should I look to upgrade the ignition box?
    And yes I plan to do a tune up and engine cleaning.
  7. About the RPM's jumping up and down, does it only happen when you're in OD? If so, it may be your overdrive band slipping. It's actually a band rather than a gear, and it's not really strong enough to handle the torque of the V8. Eventually it slips, and it's like you drop into neutral for a second or two until it catches again. No fix I know of except for rebuilding the transmission.
  8. Well that is a possibility and even if that isn't it in specific I'm sure it is close.
    The only difference is that it doesn't feel like neutral, when it jumps it stays there for a few seconds and my car is then able to work (or rather accelerate) as if it were with overdrive off. MPH pick up, the car does that shift feeling (as if it were a gear switch), and everything rather than the RPMs just going up from me pressing the throttle as if I were in neutral.