Throttle Response?

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  1. Hello all, hope all is well. It has been quite some time since I last posted. I recently purchased a 2011 GT auto and have had an issue that I wonder is common for this year? Often times from a dead stop upon pressing the gas pedal there is a "no response" for 1-2 seconds. As a typical human response I think then your foot pushes a little further down and then it throws you back in your seat. At times it shifts clunky. At other times it shifts what I think is too fast. My mustang history is a 2001 and a 93 GT automatics. I drove those cars for the last 13 years. I took it into the dealer and they said they updated/flashed the transmission software.
    Will a tune take care of this? Do I have a problem? Opinions/observations?

  2. It's a built in delay from Ford, drive by wire system has this delay kinds like a "torque management system" Common in many modern cars from various manufacturers.
  3. Seriously? That's just not right. Is this bsomething they improved in the later years? Will a tune take care of this?
  4. Difficult to understand what you mean from the description, but everything is electronic these days and constantly monitored. Could be like Sparta said or maybe have to do with the traction control. The traction control can be downright deadly if you are trying to pass someone with a manual shift car, it just kills the motor if it senses that the tires are beginning to spin. Nothing like having a 425hp car that acts like it is running on 3 cylinders when you are trying to drive aggressively. I just turn the TC off if I know I have to drive aggressively and I have 0 problems.
  5. Yes, serious. No, no improvement. Mistangs, Focus, Taurus, Camry, Corolla, Altima, Malibu etc etc etc... all have this commonality from built in delays in the drive by wire system. Yes it can be tuned out.
  6. Ok, since this just happened a few more times today I wanted to see if your thoughts changed at all with the new information? On top of the car not responding to throttle for a few seconds I have a "bump" after coming to a complete stop. In other words, you come up to a stop sign and get the car is fully stopped then it feels like the car accelerates on its own, giving the bump feeling.
  7. I had a 2012 Mustang V6 auto and now a 2014 GT auto. I had that bump in the V6. The impact of the bump varied greatly depending on the pressure the tranny had seen just prior to the stop. It did this consistently for 55K miles. I have no bump with the GT. I haven't had a throttle response issue with either. They both react immediately to the pedal. I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but I've used NO ETHANOL gas in both cars.
  8. Hi Pizzaman,

    Have you addressed your new findings with your dealer? I recommend speaking with the service manager as he is in the best position to ensure a proper diagnosis, and will be able to provide available options and/or coverage for any work needed. Also, remember most repairs done at a Ford Dealer come with a 24 months/unlimited miles warranty.

    You can schedule an appointment online here.