Engine Throttle Slack, not feeling right...

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  1. When I press the gas seems I need to press at least a bit more then I thought before the rpms rise.

    So I really have not dove under the hood, but have owned mustangs before.

    So as I understand it, the throttle is electronic now int he 2007 GT

    how do I remove Slack in the throttle.... smooth it out maybe? throttle seems more like a on off Switch int he beginning..
  2. I bought a tune for my 05 GT from Bama and it took the lag out.
  3. well its more like a physical slack... like a sensor does not know I am putting my foot on the gas for the first 1/2 inch then it starts to react..

    If this were like the older stangs I would just be looking to add a spacer to the cable... but this is not the case.
  4. Try the famous E-throttle recalibration trick. Turn the key to on but do not start the engine. Slowly press the gas pedal all the way to the floor and slowly release it. Turn the key to the off position and restart the engine. This trick worked on my MKZ Lincoln which had bad throttle tip in and hessitation. Worth a try and takes 30 seconds.
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  5. Sounds like you have a TB going bad, those are the early symptoms usually around 50K miles or so.
  6. Try the recal for the throttle. It's free.
  7. i do believe the recal worked.... I will know when its cold in the morning, its when i notice it most...
    kinda retarded, I can see this being by accidently screwed up
  8. I have this problem too! The gas pedal is very mushy and unresponsive.
  9. Welcome to the world of electronic throttle control, mine went out the first time at 35,400 miles Ford refused to warranty it so it cost me 400.00. Went out the second time at 77,000 this time I replaced it. Cheap plastic gears inside go out all the time, my local dealer has piles of bad ones from different Ford vehicles common problem for them to die, won't see a recall on them since not considered a safety problem, just goes into limp mode when it eventually fails. Not one of Fords better ideas even in it's best day mechanical linkage is more responsive. Why do you think Ford has an upgrade mechanical throttle body in their motorsports catalog?
  10. Got a part #? or Link?
  11. The throttle body is a race piece mainly, it would require you to make linkage and a different pedal assembly. Just the fact that they have it in their race cars showed that the fly by wire system has its limits. I myself went with a new computer program that increases the speed of the throttle response and have not lost a stock throttle body since. If you are interested the mechanical throttle body part number is M-9926-3VM.
    hope that helps.
  12. I like the idea of the 62mm Linkage but I assume it makes the TCS go bye bye.. which is not a bad thing to me.. The part I was asking about was the electronic TB

    the 62mm tb seems like it may be a lot of work.. and just does not stop at the $500 TB but cables, tuning, peddle, gromits, other linkage parts..
  13. See, THIS is why I love online forums and have since the early BBSes a looooooong time ago.
    People just KNOW stuff that will help you.

    I had this same problem on my new baby and was just kind of ignoring it, thinking TB=$$$ and so forth.
    I just walked out and did the recal trick and I swear it worked like a charm.
    What a country! :flag: