Throw-out bearing

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  1. ...Oh how I hate thee. Nothing to see here. Just wanted to vent. Went through three in my old car. I've had the "new" car for barely a month now and sitting in traffic after work it starts screaming like a 13 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert. Ever tried to get rolling with no clutch? I've done it several times now. RPM match to shift gears. Yeah, that too. Somebody come pull my transmission for me.
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  2. I feel your pain, bought my car with a brand new clutch installed, and the little bastard started chirping a month later.

    It's been a problem in all 3 of my mustangs...
  3. Yup they SUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!
  4. my cars throw out bearing quiet as can be :stick: :D
  5. Oh bite me. :D
  6. DIAF!
  7. Had my 00' GT for 5 years, 90k miles. Couple weeks after purchase, TOB started squeaking. Replaced it, along with the clutch. Started doing it again a year later. Tried the clutch quadrant and adj cable. Couldn't get it to shut up without making the adjustment too tight. While I was in school paid ford dealer to change the TOB. A week later it started squeaking for the 3rd time. After that I just dealt with it for years. Finally, I changed the TOB a FOURTH time with an aftermarket one from car quest. It didn't make noise again.

    I suspect my mach has it slightly as well. Those of you without the issue are straight lucky.
  8. I replaced mine a month ago with a Ford Racing throw out bearing and pilot bearing. It isnt making any noises so far. Im so happy it doesnt do it anymore it was embarrassing to hear when I would let it idle with me in the car lol.
  9. Got the car off the ground and crawled under to replace the bearing. Taking off the exhaust I tweaked my back. Kept working because I wanted to get it done. Finished off my back when I tried to take the drive shaft off. So I bolted everything back as best I could and called a shop. I had already ordered the FRPP bearing, dropped the car off today and picked it up a few hours later.

    These two bulging disc are never going away...ever.
  10. How much did it cost?
  11. $325...not bad considering it's a 4 hour job. Other quote was $200 more
  12. nessie[1].jpg

  13. That is a good deal, all the quotes I got were around $450...
  14. That is why I was going to do it I'm stuck with meds for my back again.
  15. Yeah if you do it yourself yo u can save some $$$. Since I did mine I was able to get a better flywheel for my car, plus its nice to actually say I have replaced something on the car.
  16. I did most of the work on my old car...cams, intake manifold, exhaust, clutch...the only thing I had done by a shop was the gears. This one was pretty much turn-key. I still plan on doing a few things to it but otherwise it will be regular maintenance and fix broken stuff.