throwout bearing problems

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  1. I have a 94 gt with a world-class t-5 transmission, my problem is when the clutch is out all the way the throwout bearing sounds like a cricket. but when i push in on the clucth it goes away. i have had two shops work in it and they can only get it to go away for a couple of days. they have replaced my whole clutch and the linkage but it still keeps coming back. i have also replaced it myself. when you look in the inspection plate when the car is started the fork which holds the bearing is real whobally. please help.
  2. I have the same problem and it sucks! The only way I can get to go away is to put a litte pressure on the pedal or tighten the cable but it still comes back a coupe days later if i tighten the cable. Someone help us out please!
  3. i didn't read anything about them replacing the bearing. did they replace the throw out bearing? throw out bearings go out, it's just a fact of life. you have to replace it to make it go away permantly.
  4. My 94 GT does the same idle it sounds like a cricket, but when i push the clutch in with close to NO effort it stops. then some days it wont chirp...then others it will??? who knows.....i gues they all do that?
  5. replaced bearing

    i have replaced my throw-out bearing personally twice, and two transmission shops have done it to. right after replacing it and i start it up it makes the noise. when the shops said it ws all good to go it didnt make the sound for a day or two, im quessing cause they re-adjusted my clutch, but what in the hell could be causing my clutch to loose the adjustment, if that is even possible?
  6. Just put in a new SPEC Stage2. Throw out bearing squeals like a sob. If I put a little pressure on the clutch it stops, as well. My old clutch used to squeal some days, nothing on others. It's quite annoying. Other people look at my car like its falling apart. Hooooopteee!! :rolleyes:
  7. my car used to do the EXACT same thing as you all describe. you push a little on the clutch and it goes away. i installed a new bearing with my clutch and pressure plate and it went away. maybe it's your pilot bearing that's making the noise since you already replaced the throwout bearing. unless something's bent and keep wearing out the throwout bearing prematurely. :shrug:
  8. If the piece that the throwout bearing slides on has a gouge or weird wear on it, it will blow the bearing. If you blow the bearing and put a new one in, it will blow the new one because the previous blown bearing probably hacked up the metal thing. What I was told to do (and still havent yet) is get that metal piece from a Tremec. I forget what its called but its the thing that bolts onto the tranny over the input shaft. Its like 4 bolts or something. The Tremec one isnt aluminum so it wont scratch or anything, so I guess if you do that and a new bearing it should be all set. I was told the piece was $30-40 from a local shop.
  9. Could be the retainer on the tranny. I don't remember the exact name, but a lot of the 03 guys are having the problem and the retainer is possibly the problem.
  10. i have the same problem but..... ITS NOT THE THROW OUT BEARING that will realive some pressure. If i can remeber correctly i think my dad said it was the input shaft that was causing the noise he said he wouldnt fix it because you have to drop out the whole tranny boomer :(
  11. My throwout bearing did that for a long time too, then it decided it would be cool if it broke into a bunch of little pieces while driving to class. Oddly enough everything stille worked well enough to get to the mechanic. Man you should have heard it, I could hear the horrifying screech echoing off every building within a few hundred feet it was soooooo loud. I was at a red light when class got out and a bunch of girls of the 50 people walking across the intersection covered their ears and of course a few guys were laughing. I laugh about it now but I was pissed.

    Of course I replaced it and never heard that damn sound ever again. :banana:
  12. you guys could get you an adjustable clutch cable.

    just a though they have a locking mechanism on it, so when you adjust it, it stays adjusted.

  13. I have the same problem with mine. I have taken it to the shop twice for other things, but told them both times to listen to it, and they never did anything about it. It comes and goes and to me it sounds like a belt slipping somewhere, and I haven't gotten around to checking it out myself, but this has happened off and on since I got it (late May '03) and I haven't had anything go wrong with it, its just annoying to listen to that chirping sound.