Drivetrain Throwout bearing replacement

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  1. Alright so long story short I was sent a defective SVE Clutch Kit and courtesy of LRS they sent me a RAM clutch kit free of charge.
    Here's my question.. I am about to order a clutch fork and pivot stud from them and before I make the order I am curious. Is the TOB that was included in the RAM kit pretty good? I know that an OEM is the way to go but I am starting to hit the bottom of my wallet here and shop day ain't even here yet.
    Thoughts pleasr
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  2. Just use the one that came with the kit. My previous GT went through 3 OEM TOB's all on the same clutch. Sometimes they squeak, sometimes they don't. It's annoying as hell when it does, but seems to just be the way it is.
  3. Buy a Timken or FRPP
  4. I know the SPEC is crap as well as the one that comes with the King Cobra clutch. I'm sure there are only a few companies out there that make things but I'll be damned if I can figure out who includes what in their kits.
  5. I've had experience with 3 different types of TOB. Best by far is FRPP.
  6. Last Timken I saw was actually a NTK I think in the box , it was half plastic so I justed used a regular BCA and had no problems
  7. atleast lrs helped you, i bought a few parts from them and was missing hardware for my quadrant and all they offered was 5% off my next order even tho we get 5% being part of the forums. Never even offered to send the hardware.
  8. From my experience, the OEM TOB is the way to go.