Thumbs up to the self car-wash spot free rinse

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  1. I keep my GT pretty clean so I just needed to do a quick wash on it as time was of essence on Sunday. I went to one of the self washes and hit it with the pre-soak and then the rinse and decided to try the spot free rinse, even though I didn't believe it was any better than normal water rinsing. WOW, I am impressed to say the least. I didn't dry it by hand and just drove it dry and no spots whatsoever. What do they put in it to keep it from spotting? I handwashed it last week and drove it dry and I had to re-wash, it looked so bad from the spots.
  2. Spot free rinse does seem to work rather well. I have mixed results with certain car washes tho. Some make me car look as though i hand washed and dried it....

    ... where as others make it look as though i poured a gallon of milk in my washbucket...:notnice:
  3. leaf blower is the best drying methiod for a black car. Then again, it just gets dirty the next day you drive it. Love the black, but it's a pain in the butt to clean daily.
  4. i love my black car, but its such a pain in the ass some times. to the op - ive never had great luck with car washes. in my eyes nothing beats a good hand wash.
  5. Have any of you tried the Mr. Clean Auto dry car washing kit? I was thinking about buying one of those for home use. It comes with a filter that you use to rinse the car for spot free results. Pearl02.
  6. only thing i have against public car washes is that in most cases the cleaning agents used are hard on the protective wax you have on your paint. it'll strip it with only a few visits

  7. Those seemed to be all the rage a few years ago whey they came out - never tried it - but when others posted about using it, they related positive experiences/reviews about it... :shrug:
  8. I loved the Mr. Clean, worked great! I don't know of anyone who still carries them, maybe Wal-Mart? Advance, Pepboys and Autozone all got rid of them.