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  1. Hello all. I havent been on here in such a long time, mainly because I sold my mustang about a year ago. I was wondering if someone could answer a few questions for me. My GF got a 1994 thunderbird recently. I was curious about a few things. First, how hard is it to replace the LH window motor? Is it held in by bolts or rivets? Replacing it should be okay for me but I was wondering if you have to do any re-adjusting of the window or anything. Secondly, I was wondering if anyone would know if a cd player was a factory option that year, and if so would one plug right in or would I need an additional harness. Thanks.

  2. Window regulator is pretty easy, no readjusting necessary. If should be held in with rivets. There was a factory option for a CD player, however it was very rare, and it did have a different harness that was part of the dashboard harness, so the only way to use a factory one would be to find a car that has one in a junkyard and pull the whole dashboard out of it, or splice into the radio harness you have and wire it up yourself. And even after all of this, the factory CD player wasn't very good, so you would be better off just getting a good aftermarket one.

    Oh, and for more info on the tbird, check out
  3. thanks mikey. My reasoning for the stock cd player is that it looks factory, and no one would want to steal it. If you have an aftermarket one, and forget to take the face off it could easily get stolen in an apartment complex where i live. Thanks for the info on dude. :nice:
  4. help!!!

    Ok I'm confused now. I replaced the window motor today and same problem. It binds up near the top and gets stuck. But as it gets lower it operates ok. I know the problem is not the switch and not the motor? Maybe the regulator is binding somehow? Or the tracs? Anyone run across this? Thanks

    oh it's a 1994 thunderbird.
  5. Check the window tracks to make sure nothing has fallen down inside of them by any chance. If the window has been broken out in the past, a small piece or two of glass may be stuck in the runners and causing problems.

    Also, it would be a good idea to lube up the runners with some kind of grease. Axle bearing grease or good ol' WD-40 works for the metal-on-metal bits; for plastic parts, I've found that silicone or white lithium grease works pretty well, especially when you can spray it into those hard-to-reach areas. Had something similar going on with the windows in Frankenstang's Capri, and lubing the runners made things operate much more smoothly. Sometimes the old grease will get clumpy and gummy and make things drag, too, so fresh lube helps.

    Just a couple of ideas in lieu of spending a ton of time/money on a regulator assembly swap.
  6. Just had the same problem with a 98 Mercury G.M.; it was the window regulators. Expensive at the dealer: $250 per window.
  7. thanks for the replies. I will try to lube the tracks and see if that works. If not I will look at the regulator itself.
  8. I don't know about the in between years, but I had a 1990 Thunderbird 35th anniversary super coupe that had a FACTORY CD player in it. Earliest car I've ever seen one in. It was a one at a time unit that mounted on the console. I know this was a factory unit as my mother bought this car new and she never even turned the radio on!