Thursday 11.20.03

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  1. thursday night bout 7:00pm I was on my way to jspecmgte house. Well I reach mantua right near "hello gorgeous" and I rear ended some guy doin bout 45-50mph, I just got a couple cuts on my head and a pretty big cut on my nuckle on my right hand that has 11 stiches. My car suffered a blow to the front pushing the radiator to the engine, from what I saw the engine looked ok from up top no oil leaks just anti freeze. the windshield is cracked from where my head hit. the steering wheel is dented, the driver side qrtr panel in crimped causing my door to have to be forced open. The guy at TMT said from what he saw I'd spend alot trying to fix it and might as well strip the car and the throw everything on a diff stang. So I didn't get home till bout 1am and now I'm car less, got a headache and can't move my right hand that well do to the stiches. oh and a banged up elbow. R.I.P. to the Blue Beast. born 1991 died 11-20-03 She will be missed. Here is the link to my site. The pics are a lil big but I tryed shrinking them I'll fix them again at a later time. check them out.
  2. Very sorry to hear about your misfortune.

    I would start taking the car apart (to use parts again or sell them) as soon as possible, some bent parts will come back into place if you remove them from the car soon enough.

    How did you end up rear-ending someone? Freak accident or what?
  3. How come the air bag didn't deploy??
  4. sorry to hear about the accident hope u are ok...and how did u hit them at 50 mph? but i must say at 45 mph that front end held up pretty damn good! it doesnt look THAT terrible unless frame problems
  5. if your head hit the windshield, you should try wearing seat belts. at least then you wouldn't have to replace the windshield and you wouldn't have a headache. consider yourself lucky.

  6. Yea alot of people have told me that. Thanks for all of your concern. Besides the car I got a 10 stitch cut below my middle finger on my right hand so thats the worst that happend, luckily. Uh, in the pictures on my site on the second piture that shows my front bumper there a 89 GT with a white front bumper up in the right, thats the new beast. As far as damage goes, I would need a windshield, driver side fender, a radiator support, a bumper, the lights, a radiator, a hood, elec fan, paint, and a water pump (bent spindle). The roof was already f*d up cause the hood flew off back in may. So my friend wanted to fix that up. I was looking at the financial situation I'm in and how quick I can get her back. The cheapest and quickest is to just swap everything to the 89 GT. So thats what were doing. I'll let you guys now how she comes. l8r Jeff