Mach 1 Ticking noise from both fenderwells?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by myrez99, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. I've heard of the ticking coming from the left fenderwell but not both. I'm a very new owner of a 2003 Zinc Yellow Mach1 so I'm not sure what the engine is supposed to sound like. It almost reminds me of my Dad's Duramax diesel :shrug: . Let me know what you think.

  2. I take it in and have it checked the ticking problem is a known problem on the 03's Mach/Cobra. With your BOD I would have thought you had the new head but you never know when the engine was built. I think they switched sometime in June.

    My BOD was 6/23 and runs strong with no ticking. SAE 280RWHP/306RWTQ
  3. the injectors make an audible ticking, especially at idle. I thought I had the tick on both heads till I realized this. From what Ive read I believe the tick from the heads can be heard at various RPM, nut just at idle.
  4. Thanks for the help.....hopefully it's noisy injectors!


  5. it is to many posts concerning ticking....its the early build 03 cobra and machs..left head only...