Ticking problem

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by fireman889, Nov 2, 2003.

  1. I was just wondering if any one has taken there car in for the ticking problem warranty work. If you did will they say anything about mods done to the car.
    I pres don't have my Nitrous kit in ,but every thing else is on. BBK LT,CATTED H-PIPE ,C&L MAF,Trueflow pipe,and BBK tb70mm
  2. They can't say anything about those mods. I don't know. I think I'm one of the very few '02 owners who hasn't heard a ticking.
  3. Umm ticking problem :shrug: ?

  4. TICKING? This wouldnt be a ticking noise when you start to accelerate would it?
    Not like a valve ticking or anything just an annoying ticking. Not when you get on it just when you accelerate a lil bit?

    Cuz i hear it and i thought it was just normal.
    Just like the 1/2 gear klunk that the dealer said is normal that i now have to go talk to them about after reading about the problem in the thread.
  5. \

    thats the ticking i have, when i accelerate at low rpms.. the car is going in next weekend.
  6. Same problem with mine just the dealer mechanic "couldn't hear anything" so i figured it was normal....its running fine just seems a bit weak when it does tick...

  7. I think i am going to call and take mine in to get it checked out also. Is this also a common problem? Does anyone know what the ticking is?

  8. I have a very subtle ticking that I have been told is normal injector noise. A friend with an '02 has the same thing. That said, there are some people who have a ticking that are being told that there is a defect in the heads and that Ford has issued a TSB on the problem.

    I'm not sure what to believe at this point....

  9. Keep us informed about this possibly being a head problem!
    Anyone else heard anything like this being about the heads.