Fox Tilt Column & New Steering Wheel (finally)

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  1. I always had a wheel swap in my mind but could never decide on a wheel. I finally found one that I liked more than any others I'd looked at, picked up a tilt column, and went for it.

    With my interior color scheme (white/burgundy with billet throughout), the best wheel options I'd found didn't quite "fit" IMO, but I felt this was perfect. It has a carbon-fiber weave style soft grip on the top & bottom which is pretty neat, and I like how it breaks up all the red.



  2. Fits your scheme
  3. Looks good! Is there anyone that sells steering columns for 87-93 that are new? Or is the junk yard the only way to go?
  4. I haven't seen them, but I haven't ever looked either. 50Resto doesn't seem to carry them. I knew a parts guy who had one of these on hand and I was able to get it for $50 shipped. As luck would have it, my local yard had 1 Mustang when I went to look and it had the set of trim pieces I needed and the top/bottom were already unscrewed and loose. Got those for about $10 and had some correct paint left over so the project tied up nicely!
  5. i thought my scarlet red vert was red, but my dash top and vert is black, very nice theme Ozz, looking good!
  6. Thanks. It's not the perfect color, but that's how it was when I bought it. And I figured I'd keep the original color scheme throughout the interior while I modified it. Here's a picture of the rest before the wheel swap:

  7. what seats are those? are they leather? do they get hot?

    like the door panels too, im thinking a mach 1 styling myself...

    new wheel looks tons nicer!
  8. The seats are by Cerullo, and are vinyl. They have real leather an an option but the vinyl is a better match to the Ford leather I had in the back which was brand new at the time. The fronts were an impulse buy many years ago so I didn't plan it, otherwise I may have gone w/leather and had them redo the stock back seat to match.
  9. Do those seats have stock type frames under them so you can slide the seat forward and back? I have seats that look like those but are blue and bolt straight into the floor pan, no forward or back adjustment only recline
  10. Looks good. That is a LOT of red. God forbid she forgets her rag on that time of the month on those seats!

  11. Yes, I bought the optional slider brackets. They offer straight brackets too for those who don't care or don't want to spend whatever it was for the good ones.
  12. Great looking interior. The red and white make a nice contrast, IMO.
  13. ill look em up... in NC youd stick real bad to vinyl verts seats in the summer, i have scarlet cloth weave but theyre starting to fade a little....
  14. Looking good OzzOzz
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  15. Believe me, it gets plenty hot and unbearable here too. I rarely drive the car and when I do it's usually either to a car show or just for a cruise. They can get pretty hot but the stock leather did too. It's OK!
  16. yah my fear... so ac the seats (lol), use a towel or go cloth i guess...
    youve given some ideas seat wise, glad you posted!

    and your combo does look nice!
  17. Finally got a nice photo of it this weekend.

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  18. So does the pre 90 column bezel work with the newer gauge cluster? i have a friend that wants to swap in his 93 and i have done it, just never figured out the plastics.
  19. Yes, the column trim bezel fits right up to what was left on my '92. I also picked up the black, ruffled piece that goes on the bottom, but upon installation I found that it wasn't even needed. There were no gaps. Not sure if that's because of some possible newer dash parts or what, but it was present on the earlier cars.
  20. I really love your center console. Different, yet subtle.
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