Tilt steering column conversion!

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  1. I have a 90GT with air bag and non tilt steering column. I would like to convert to a tilt unit but have no idea what year stang to take one from or if its even possible. Can anyone help with this conversion?
  2. Oh man, that'd be nice... haha, mustangs aren't very fat person friendly = P I feel like a little kid on a roller coaster when I'm getting out of my car, gotta sliiiiiiide underneath the steering wheel haha
  3. I think the tilt wheels are on all of the year models without airbags. That being said my 87' has tilt, but it just stays in one place I never even touch it.
  4. I'm about to do that on my 92 GT. I've got a tilt column from an '87 and already pulled the assembly out of my car and compared them. The tilt unit actually is attached at the end of the steering shaft and appears to have been just a "bolt-on" upgrade. Ford Deleted the tilt and added an airbag. Sounded simple so far. The wiring blocks are the same on both units, except for no airbag wires on the tilt unit. Then I noticed the shaft on the airbag column is longer than the one on the tilt shaft. Probably within the next few days I'm gonna try to swap them and see what I can figure out. I haven't tried a swap yet but from comparing the two it seems like it'll be alright. I'll keep you posted.
  5. Do the column trim pieces from the non tilt unit fit on the tilt unit? Are they the same? I found this column on e-bay and it looks real nice but has no trim.

    thanks for the help
  6. just did the column conversion so here is the down low for all you guys out there. The new column is out of an 87 lx with tilt and all trim pieces for a mere $16 at the local U-Pull it type yard. Everything was direct swap except for the horn button connections they are different. so if any one can tell me how to get the horn working that would be great. Its definetly one of my favorite mods.

    Thanks :banana:
  7. stang 380 what year did you switch it into. i have a wrecked 87 that i'm swapping the drive train into a stripped 91. i may try to put my tilt column into the 91. as for the horn why not just cut the connectors and splice the wires?
  8. i swaped it into a 90Gt my buddy has a 91 and everything looks identical though so you should have no problem with the swap. goodluck!
  9. The trim pieces match up good with the 90 dash? Also the wires plugged directly in? Im doing a 1989 tilt column into my 1990 so I can use a momo wheel. If I remember correctly, 4 bolts on the column and 1 on the steering shaft?
  10. So did you just swap in the 87 column an ditch the airbag or were you able to retain the airbag with the new column?
  11. steering swap.

    The units were almost identical, but you'll lose the airbag. I swapped the electrical junctions from the 92 column to the 87 and checked the hookups to make sure it was all cool. Lost the cruise also, but the harness for that is where I can get to it so I might do a setup for it later. I put on a 13" grant gt wheel. Got rid of the stupid white button that you had to pull to remove the key...never did like that thing. Just make sure you get the upper/lower trim pieces for the tilt so you won't have to MacGiver it together like I did. But mine works and looks good so who cares?? Good Luck!
  12. so you used the trim pieces from the 92 on the 89 column? how does it look? Im sure you had to do some modifying to the trim pieces because the hub sizes are different on the columns. have any pics?
  13. Yea, there was a space open, my friend is coming by tomorrow with his digicam and I'm gonna snap some shots of my 'stang. I'll take a pic of the steering wheel and explain what I did. Probably be Monday by the time he gets the pics uploaded and sent to me. I really need to go buy a digicam!!
  14. cool. I look forward to seeing them. Sounds like you made out pretty well then, heh? Can't wait to do my install now!
  15. friend didn't get the picture for me...if you want to I'll describe it for you, just let me know.
  16. I would like to know if there is any tech data or other detailed posts on this where i can get full instructions. I'm a little concerned about removing my column without thinking it through fully. Does anyone have any info on this?
  17. Stang380:

    I have a pictorial of the conversion process at www.mustanglife.com/N20Jnky in the Steering Column Swap gallery.

    It is a piece of cake and you'll love the results!

    Any 87-89 tilt will work. Be sure and get one with cruise control if you have it on your car now.

    Let me know if I can help.
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  18. It's info like that which makes this forum so great. Thanks