Tilt steering column conversion!

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  1. That looks great! I can't wait to have mine installed now! I like how the wheel fits on the column. On the 1990 and up airbag cars the hub is larger in diameter which results in leaving a .5" gap around the wheel and it looks like crap and thats why I doing this swap! I will post pics as soon as the install is complete. I oredered my tilt column with keys and plastics from mustang parts specialties for 65 shipped.
  2. I recieved my tilt steering column out of an 89 mustang but it looks like it is missing the piece that goes from the end of the column to through the firewall the steering rack? How does this part install? Thanks guys...
  3. While mine had everything from the steering knuckle on up, it is my understanding that the lower portion just sleeves into the steering column. It is apparently a **** to get in/out, but does just slide in/out.

    A number of people have said they installed their steering columns without ever disconnecting the knuckle because of the fact that the two pieces just slide together.

    1) I hope what I am saying is true.
    2) I wish you luck...
  4. It looks like it does just slide together. I will be sure to put gear lube on the end so it is easier! Thanks for your help!
  5. I had installed my tilt steering wheel and column assembly a few weeks back after some dude took my car for a joy ride, so I put a tilt wheel in because of the chop job he did to the old one.

    anyways,, anyone have an issue with there title wheel feeling sloppy, kinda clunky and almost like it sticks when turning corners, or even when I drive on the highway it feels loose or something.

    I might have to just pull it appart again and shake things up and tighten anything that might be loose.

    should I grease anything on it?

    thanks guys.
  6. do you swap over the key thing to so you still use the same keys or did you have to use the 88 one an get a key made?
  7. CB:

    When I swapped out my column I used the lock from my stock 91 column... That way I didn't have to have a new set of keys made... You can find pretty detailed instructions for the swap on my website at www.mustanglife.com/N20Jnky... There are a bunch of pics too...
  8. Hey brother I realize this thread is ten years old but Im gonna swap tilt into my 93 lx 5.0 and any pics you have of the process would really help. Thanks.
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  10. I just figured out how to get that info, thanks for your help. Btw ROLL TIDE images.jpg LOLOLOLOLOL
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  13. anyone have any links with pics or updates to add to this thread? looking to swap an 89 into my 93 cobra so I cun get the tilt back and run a sparco wheel