Time for a new Radiator...

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  1. Well as some of you know I finally got that '88 yesterday that I was talking about..

    Anyway, I got it started up today at my house and let it run to check things out..Tempature goes up quite quick, and it goes almost to 3/4's untill the fan finally kicks on, i was scared that the motor was shot...As I was watching the fan i noticed some smoke comming from the rad...I felt the rad and it was like falling appart...Its all crispy..guess its time to ditch that stuipd 1Core Rad...

    What do you guys reccomend? If this is a solid car overall im going to dump money in to it, so buying the top of the line radiator in there w/o getting it too cool would be great..I priced a 'stock-replacement' for it at pepboys and it was 85 bux, but it was teh same 2core rad thats in my '93..and I'm having a heating problem in that..

  2. A couple months ago I installed the FMS 3 core aluminum radiator in mine. Part # FMS-M8005C Costs $247 from summit.

    The radiator is amazing and I feel it was worth every penny. The car runs at whatever temperature the thermostat is rated for.
  3. also what are your future plans for this car, if you go turbo with a front mount intercooler (volve setup) , your stock and/or larger'r radiator will not fit right. If you stay n/a, go ahead and get what ever your heart desires ;o)

    keep it real
  4. 247 wow...you can get a summit branded aluminum radiator (27x19" i think is the one you want, cant remember) and its less than 200
  5. This is just a temporary solution, but if you turn the heater on full blast it lets the heat blow out of the engine. I know that doesn't really solve anything, but if you're afraid of it smokin' and stuff, that should help while you're driving. Other than that, I'd say spend the money, only cuz you just bought the damn car anyway... :p
  6. If the summit radiator fits and installs as good as the FMS unit, I'd say go for it. I spent the extra money hoping that it would be an easier install and maybe higher quality. Plus, it came with a built in transmission cooler. Nobody came forward to give opinions on the summit radiator when I was in the market, so I chose one I knew was made for our cars.

    The hardest part of installation was triming a quarter inch off the front circumference of the fan housing so I could bolt it back on. A couple washers and some longer bolts probably would have worked as well.

    In hindsight, I don't regret buying the FMS radiator, but if someone on here has used the summit radiator and can tell you the best way to install it, it sounds like an awesome deal. You can never have too big of a radiator, the thermostat will stay closed until operating temperature is achieved.
  7. his car is a 5spd, so he doesn't need the tranny cooler. even if he did, i would feel more comfortable with a large external cooler than one built into a radiator. I know MANY people running the summit radiators in fox cars, as well as 94-95 5.0 cars
  8. heh, just got in, saw alot have replyed to my post which is always good. Yes, I eventually plan to make it Turbo, drop it, Pony wheels, the whole nine..But for the winter its staying stock..Right now i'm mainly worried about the transmission. If you guys have been following my posts about this car before I got it it has some transmission problems, Either the fluid is low beacuse it was sitting for quite a few months. or the syncros are shot...I haven't checked the fluid level yet, but hope so tomorow as I continue cleaning it up :)
  9. syncros usually go. t5's really aren't too bad to work on, i would probably tackle synchros myself. I would personally go with the scummit branded aluminum radiator, and probably will when i need a new one for my car...my 4cyl looks to have a better radiator than my 94 5.0, i kid you not
  10. I'm just gonna have a transmission shop do it, im not even going to drop it....shhh im not supposed to let my dad know anythings wrong with this car.... :p
  11. hahahaha, i remeber those days of avoiding the parents (sry, i used to prowl around in here a while back, before i blew my motor for those who dont know me)

    but yeah, i think that you can get a 3 core from advanced auto parts for your car, something like the Heavy Duty replacement for the radiator, only like 170-180 or somethin like that
  12. But will it cool too much? I have problems heating up in my '93, it dosen't go passed the 2nd bar...its the stock 2 core rad..
  13. as said before, you can't have a too big radiator, the thermostat is what controls temp... Go get yourself a stock replacement "Stant" 195 degree thermostat and gasket
  14. yeah, do that, and if you then have problems heating up too fast get a 180 deg thermostat, had one in my 2.3 for two years with no problems till i blew the motor