~Time For Some Winter Cleaning~

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  1. Well, it's that time of the year again so I decided to do a little winter cleaning once again.

    Put the car up on jackstands and pulled the wheels off.



    Here's what it looked like after pulling the wheel off. Really not too bad so it didn't take long to clean up.

    SomeSimple Green, Purple Stuff, and brush and old t-shirt are the weapons of choice.

    The brush helps get in the hard to reach areas.

    One side complete!

    Next up was the bottom of the rocker panels. Cleaned and waxed.

    Then the wheels.


    Front Side:

    I also got a chance to get a picture of my True Forged Side Vents.

    That was it for this evening. Will have more updates tomorrow......:nice:
  2. My car aspires to be as clean as your car is when it's dirty :mad:
  3. Those are some amazing looking rims :nice: I would like to spend a day cleaning my car like that, however I doubt it would look nearly as clean :D
  4. LOL.... Thanks.

    You would be surprised what a little elbow grease can get done.

    The first time is the hardest. Maintaining it is the easy part. :nice:
  5. what is the difference in the side scoops?
  6. There isnt a spec dirt on your car ever.. :nice:
  7. The insert matches my True Forged hood vents. The scoop is the stock one.

    LOL... Well there are a few, but they have met their match! :D
  8. Great job looks spotless. :nice:
  9. Dirt?, more like dust.......:D

    How can you tell where you cleaned :)

    Your car is gorgeous :drool: :nice:
  10. Very impressive....... and color matched springs........:nice:
  11. As always, Impressive...I only inspire mine to be this clean....but its just quite isnt haha
  12. Excellent! You can give those detailers on Autpia a run for their Money!

    You could eat off of those rocker panels...
  13. none of the before pictures were dirty :scratch:

    i call false advertisement on this thread....damn you and your sexy clean @ss car...seriously though man, looks effing great!
  14. Thanks guys. I got the front wheel wells done!


  15. Beautiful car, love how its so clean.
  16. How many miles are on your car? No way it can see much road time :nice:
  17. Thanks man. :cheers:

    Almost 18,000. I drive it about every weekend.