Time has come to sell my KB Saleen

Discussion in 'SN95 Mustangs For Sale (1994-04)' started by Mikie, May 20, 2010.

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  1. Guys,

    I have poured out my heart, blood sweat and tears into this car over the last two years and now its time to move on. I truly hate to have to sell it, but bills are piling up and I am going to have to sell it fast.

    Im sure that I will be back in the game some day.

    Now, please tell your friends that are looking for a rare car to come talk to me. This deal is sweet for the buyer.

    $22,400 firm
    You will be getting a $6200 KB charger , $4300 Forged engine and a ton of modifications for the price of what a regular saleen sc is going for.

    Here is the link to the sale 2004 Mustang Saleen For Sale | Used 2004 Mustang Saleen s for sale in NC

    Also, go here to see the value on nada for the non SCed version.

    Mine from the factory is only a speedster and was not SCed.
    The KB was added later.

    Thanks for looking.

  2. I know this doesn't help with your sale, but if I had the money, I'd buy that from you in a heartbeat! its a gorgeous ride!!
    Best of luck!
    I'm sure you'll sell it quick!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.