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  1. Im sure alot of you have experience or are going to have experience needing a second car other then your classic stang. My projects have grown, and I "need" transportation. This is my situation. I basicaly took out a $15,000 loan from my parents when I bought my car right now they are paying for everything but I do plan on paying them back from summer jobs and after collage. The problem is my projects have gotten a little out of hand and the car isnt and wont be drivable for a minimum 6 months. Mom and dad are getting a little fed up with me borowing their cars, or needing them to take me some place. I have about $900 saved up from doing odd jobs and the like, and I am in need of a cheap, kool, relyable vehicle that if it brakes down I will know how to fix it. My grandmother has offered to give me $600 additional funds if I can drive up to her house a few times a month and do the work i do for her anyway. So I have about 1,500 to spend on somthing that has to get me from point A to point B and my girl friend will sit in. [​IMG] Not an easy task!

    I only have one car I can think of and thats a Datsun z 1970's 240, 260 or 280

    Can you guys help me out with recomendations? The only other requirement is it has to get 20+ mpg so that basicaly rules out any v8 car. [​IMG]

    edit: sorry in advance I just realized this should have been in talk
  2. no reason the z-cars wouldnt work well for ya - they are my favorite japanese cars, period. not sure on reliability though, they may be as much of a project as your stang lol. theres not much out there i can think of thats stylish AND reliable for $1500...but ill think on it
  3. look there are deals out there.

    I bought my 95 gt convertible for 4 grand fully loaded with leather and all the add ons it had with low miles and everything.

    My 96 gt cost me a mere 2300 no problems.

    I have long since sold these cars but they were cleaned titled vehicles and at less than half their low kbb value at the time.

    Now I'm driving an 88' acura legend with 157k miles auto, ac works, leather, fully loaded everything electric that I picked up for 500 bucks the kbb was around 2 grand at the time.

    It's my daily driver and I don't care about anything if its raining or people slamming the door.

    It actually looks decent.

    Seek and destroy look around I love buying and selling things negotiating is awesome.
  4. The Z is a great choice. :nice: There I6's gets pretty good MPG, plus give out a decent amount of power. They don't look half bad either. Another bonus, there are kits to install a small block Chevy in them, so if you ever want to make a speed demon, it's always there. My dad had one with a 425hp 350, and he ran high 10's in the 1/4 on street tires. My brother is now going to do that same, except that I've found a 450hp 350 for him. :nice: The 240Z is the best of all three. The 260Z had many problems, including engine and tranny (which is why it was only made for 1 year). The 280Z is not as good either because while it still had some minor problems that the 260Z had, it started to lose it sports car traits, i.e. it got heavy. It basically went the way of the T-Bird.

  5. Use that thing in front of You. :bang:

    What your seeking is a 1 owner Family car.
    The one that the Dealer would only give $500 for and
    the owner wanted 1200.

    I found an 95 Escort lx, 1 owner girls car thru senior in high school and college.
    Bought new car and didn't "give in" to the Dealer.
    95k miles A1 perfect condition for 2350.00
    1.8 5sp with a/c 4dr.
    Still smelled new and was just as clean.

    Took all of 30 min to find it.

    Try autotrader.com fill in yr and price range and search largest area.
    Drove 100 miles to get it and still driving it today with 155k mi.on the speedo. :nice:

    But if your going to be a daily driver I would stay no later than 1990.
  6. I also have an Escort, mine is a 1991 GT. Got it for $200, average 30 miles to the gallon and does great E-brake slides. The AC didn't blow cold air so I converted the system to R134 for $40 and it blows 32 degrees now.
  7. Do yourself a favor... don't buy something too cool. If you get something like a Z car, it could distract you from your current project. You'll be driving it daily, so you'll be thinking "you know what this car needs... bigger wheels, or maybe a new K&N air cleaner." Next thing you know, you've got stacks of Z car catalogs, you're frequenting Z car websites and forums, etc... and all the while the roadworthiness of the Mustang gets further and further away. :nonono:

    My suggestion is that you pop for something reliable as can be, but you won't care to restore or hop up (like a '80s 4 door Corolla, Civic, Festiva, etc.). Or buy something that simply won't require any restoration or hop up (like a late model Mustang, but then you're looking at more money).
  8. Thats a good point, I dont have any time as it is with school and the girlfriend and two projects would just end up going to waist.... sounds like hondas here i come.

    I did look at a VW jetta turbo desel haha 45MPG!!
  9. Personally If if were my choice I'd buy a pickup. I don't know how people survive without one. Import trucks can be found for $1,500 with a bit of searching and are absolutely essential to any car project. They are stone simple to work on and more versatile than any other vehicle. A truck can haul that free 9-inch home, take parts to the machine shop, take stuff to the dump for the people nice enough to loan you $15,000, take your dog to the vet, haul oil to the disposal site as well as more stuff than you can imagine. I'm a machinist and I'm constantly amazed at the stuff peole will put in a car. Last week, a customer came by to pick up a flywheel for his truck. It was not light, or small and I put it in the trunk of his Mercedes! What the hell was he thinking? If he'd had to make an evasive move on the way home, he'd have some flywheel shaped marks in the rear quarter panel from the inside!
  10. well.....i kinda am / was in that situation a little bit ago.....i'm in college right now and my only transportation is my fastback. so with budget beeing tight, the stang was eating up all the money in gas that i was suppose to eat in food...my problem was my parents never liked the idea of me racing PERIOD. not in auto-x not in kart school....so i live vicariously through my vehicles right now......as i needed something CHEAP i realized i couldn't settle with buying a piece-o-crap carolla from the early nineties or something like that.....soooo i scoured the internet and classifieds for a bike =)....i am now the proud speed junkie owner of a 2001 yamaha r-6(blue w/two bros full exhaust)....i got the thing in mint condition for $2800......NOWWWWW i know your budget is 1500, so i was also looking for semi performance cars in that price range....i found that you could get an early 90's Honda CRX for right around that range...because they're light they save a lot of gas, cheap to fix, and well....they hold two people. i know it's a honda....but when your on a budget like that even the older Z's don't have the reliability of a little honda......just my two cents.
  11. as many have recommended, Escorts are great little cars and nearly indestructible.

    my money would be on a 4cylinder 87-93 Fox Body mustang though. you can get these for next to nothing, they get great gas mileage, and they've got enough style to be bearable to drive. parts for foxes are also super cheap, so even if it does break, you can get parts really easily.
  12. A lot of people have said it and it is true...buy an escort. My daily driver is an 88 GT. You would be supurised at the bite they have for a four banger. I do an average of 30,000 miles a year, and it has never left me walking. Oh and it has 260,000 miles on it. Not to mention I got it for $500, and drove it home.
  13. My parents would kill me before they let me ride a motorcycle, lol. My 20 year old cousin died in a motorcycle accident a few months back on his sport bike, and it hit every one pretty hard. I'll look into escorts, hondas, acuras ect. I really dont mind imports at all as long as they dont have wings or neon. I've always thought to stay away from european cars because they would be too expensive to fix, but there are some pretty good deals in my price range to be had on some mid 80's bmw's that look pretty good, should i stay away from them because of repair costs or are their enough in the junk jards that i wont have to worry about that.
  14. a good friend of mine used to work at a BMW, Mercedes, Porsche place. You would not believe how much parts and labor is on those cars! It will be a long time before i get my 911turbo.... I'd stay away from small commuter cars as a very good friend of mine was killed in a 92 teg.
  15. lets see, as far as repairs go, the vw will cost you. I also agree with the previous about a little truck. I had one for several years and still cant convince myself that I dont still have one, agree to pick things up then shocked to find it wont fit in the car. As far as daily driver, becareful! my prized, much loved 66 was stolen two weeks ago. Purchased as a second car but became my only car. Which was fine except..... Im fully insured but thats not the point. they could give me 50k, still I wouldnt care, I just want my car! Im hoping to get a 69 fastback,my dream car. I dont know what Ill do then! Im thinking of getting another Doberman, a female, one who can and will go with me everywhere! I have a male, hes worthless though.....good luck, try craigs list for cars..
  16. I know what you are going to say, its a ricer, everyone and their dog has one, but it worked for me for a daily driver for a year now, i just dont need it anymore. its a 88 honda accord 2 door and no ricer upgrades. i hate em also but it gets me around and its cheap on gas. i am selling it if you are interested. i am not in need of it anymore that is why im getting rid of it. it has less than 230,000 on the engine and less than 150,000 on the 5 speed tranny. it gets about 30 mpg and is great in the winter time. oh yea and its gold, not rare but less popular in the ricer world. pm me if you are interested, we can negotiate a price and maybe even make a deal. oh my stang is a 69 coupe with a 351 pi and fmx tranny by the way, i know someone was waiting for that to come up. i can send you some pics if you like. ill check back on this thread for replies. hope you find what you need man.
  17. Bro im looking for a mustang more modern but older is fine i just need to know what would be reliable yet something i can fix up while i have it.
    Im a 19 year old obviously a speed demon but i do drive like im sane. Im a daily driver but work not too far from my house its about 4 miles but someone had told me to check out some kustang forums and they arent too lich help i need a direct response. I just need something to go off of when i look for a mustang because they are my favorite cars
    Like what years to stay away from. What to look for when i check the car out, and basically all new buyer things i need to not be **** over.
    If you could help me out thats perfect.
    My favorite is a 1967 GT.
    Would love a cobra, saleen, or roush as well but i can fix up the car how i want it so i just need a little help.
    Thank you.
  18. It's highly unlikely that you will find a decent Z car for the price you want to pay. And it WILL distract you from your current project. A bike is a solution but may become a distraction as well. You'll need rainsuits, winter gear, bungee nets and the like. Cheap used J car is where its at.

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