Time to call ford!! The phone #

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  1. If your like me,Your going nuts trying to find out new info for the new mustang. Less than 60 days until job 1. Ok ford!!! enough waiting!!!
    Lets us all know how much we are gonna spend,update the lame web site with interactive color changes etc.Now it's time for us to act. No more of this crap.So here is the phone number to FORD MOTOR COMPANY. (313)322-3000
    I'm calling tomorrow and I encourage every one to do the same. This will drive them crazy. That poor ford operator. Maybe if we drive them crazzy they will put something out to stop all the calls . It's worth a shot.So spend the long distant charges and ask them anything u want about the 2005 mustang.It's time for us to be heard by Ford!!! :fuss: :fuss:
  2. Patience is not a strong suit, is it?
  3. I'm not going to waste my time making phone calls only to have Ford release less information than is available on this board. They will tell us what they want when the damn well please. Don't think they are doing this to piss people off; they have a strategy. And, it's working.
  4. Yeah it's pissing me off. I would like to have as much info as I can get before dropping $28-$29,000.
  5. My local dealer said pricing will be announced on August 27th. Take that for what it's worth.
  6. Even so. You aren't going to be getting the car before october. So as long as pricing is out before then. It shouldn't make that big of a difference.
  7. Exactly. And part of not releasing the price is, like I said, strategy. They are keeping tons of people interested without knowing the price when some people may have been turned off by the price and no longer considered the Stang. They are letting the hype build as much "I gotta have this" as it can to the point where some may say, "I don't care what it costs." Classic marketing move. Dangle the carrot.
  8. It could be strategy or like the 18" wheels everyone was complaining about for a while.
    From Brad's site.
    the 18" wheels. There was a minor problem with the vendor, but the majority is with the bean counters. They are having a problem signing off on the design given the Firestone problem. They can't get an 18" wheel with a low aspect ratio tire that will survive a 100+ mile long journey at 80+ mph driving in summer heat and then do an emergency lane change w/ severe under inflation. They have to test for this condition since the Firestone debacle showed that people can't be trusted to do something as simple as keep air in their tires.
  9. I don't buy that arguement one bit, it's more like another excuse from Ford. How come all the other cars sold in this country with 18's and low profile tires have no trouble? Including those sold by Ford? They could at least give us the same 245/45/17's offered on the current car.

    The skinny, high profile, all season tires aren't going to stick in the twisties, and you can bet every car mag will blame the cars sloppy handling on lack of IRS when it's simply a case of crappy tires. I don't even need to get into how horrible these tires that look like they've been lifted from a minivan look on the car.. :notnice:
  10. You must have missed all the lawsuits that Ford went through with the explorer. And as far as blaming the car for sloppy handling. Are you an engineer at Ford? More importantly are you the engineer that was responsible for deciding tire sizes? If not, then how do you seem to know that the tires are going to give it sloppy handling? And most mustangs spend limited time in the twisties. The bulk of mustangs spend the bulk of their time on city streets. And I don't know even 1 mustang owner. Who doesn't switch to a different tire as soon as they can.
  11. Back on the topic of calling and harassing Ford, won't that say to them that lots of people are very very interested and give the impression that they can charge what they want? I mean if I'm selling my car and tons of people want to know more about it and are super interested, then that tells me that I can charge a little more since there is such a high interest in the product. I'm just speculating here so I could be wrong :shrug:
  12. I posted that over on Brad's site. As I stated there, it's what he told me. I said what about the other 18's currently offered. And then he broke out the pen and paper. The problem is in the aspect ratio of these tires. He went through about 10 minutes worth of thermodynamics using changing temps and sidewall stiffness, a whole bunch of crap. It might be BS, it might not. But the Firestone/Exploder problem ended an near 100 year relationship (I think it was that long) between Firestone and Ford. Again, this guy talked like he was in "the know" but he could read crap on the internet too. Take it for what it's worth. I am going back to talk with him this weekend, so if you have data about other 18's that I can counter with, go ahead and post and i'll get his take. Otherwise, take the post for what its worth. just more stuff a dealer told me that i figured i'd share.
  13. I can see the bar-stool conversation now...

    "Yup, I was gonna buy me one of those new 2005 Mustangs"

    "Really?? Wow, those are beautiful. What kept you from getting it?"

    "They hadn't release pricing 2 months prior to production, that ticked me off"

    "When the pricing finally came out, was it significantly higher than what you had thought it would be?"

    "Ummm, nope"

    "But you were still ticked off..."

    "Ummm, yup...."

    "So that's the reason you decided not to buy, as some sort of symbolic protest over final pricing release dates???"

    "Ummmm, yup...."

    "Wow, look at the time! I've, uh, um, gotta root canal appointment I'm gonna be late for, uh...yeah, that's the ticket, ...take it easy...."
  14. Sorry to burst your bubble, but no, I didn't miss them. Can you please explain what the faulty Firestone truck tires have to do with high performance Mustang tires?

    Read my post again, I said the car magazines will bash the car because of the ill handling characteristics caused by the crappy tires. But they will NOT blame the tires, they will place the blame on the live rear axle. And that is BS since the new suspension design is light years ahead of what is in the current car. We all know how much crap has been written about the new car having the live axle, and of course the idiots at the magazines will trash the live axle some more if it doesn't stick like glue.

    No, are you? Does someone need to be a Ford engineer to know the handling differences between a wide, low profile, performance tire, and a skinny, high profile, all-season tire? No.

    Are you? How do you know it wasn't some bean counter?

    Do you honestly not know the difference between performance tires and let's say, a tire designed for a SUV?

    Well damn, why do car companies even bother putting on decent rubber on any of their cars??? What a waste of money!! They should all go back to the days of 14 inch steel wheels with 165/75/R14's! Because after all, who needs those expensive performanmce tires to drive in a straight line to go get the groceries!! What a way to save money..

    Then you know some odd Mustang owners, the vast majority of Mustangs I see driving around So Cal are driving around on the stock wheels/tires. And there is no shortage of Mustangs in southern California.

    This is one of the things I just don't understand about Ford, I cannot think of any other car company that does stupid little stuff like this. I think Ford did a great job on the new Mustang, it just baffles the mind why they would stick the car with these sub par tires, every other performance car I can think of has performance rubber. Not tires that look like they were borrowed from a Freestar.. :rolleyes:

    The other thing I don't understand is the apologism from people that think Ford can do no wrong in their eyes. Just remember, if it wasn't for people getting pissed off and letting Ford know about their concerns for their stupid decisions, the Mustang would be a FWD V6 right now. Can you say Probe?

  15. Yea, that sounds like BS to me, Corvettes, Porsches, and a lot of other cars have 18's with low profile rubber, I wish I could think of all of the cars that have them off the top of my head but I can't. Look at the new Jaguars, the S-type R comes with 275/35R18's, the XJR's are available with 255/35ZR20's, the Lightning has 295/45ZR18's, so what's wrong with the Mustang? Can't we at least get them as an option? If a luxury car can have 35 series 20's, a Mustang can have 18's, period. But you know, I wouldn't care as much if they had just used the same size tire that is on the current Stangs, who would have thought that with everything improving on the car, power, looks, suspension, chassis, interior, that they would actually downgrade the tires?

    But anyway, I know why the 18's aren't coming out right away, it's really the tires on the 17 inch rims that I don't understand, It just bothers me that the best tire that will be available on the GT for awhile will not be very good.
  16. Amen

    I'm glad someone out there remembers when ford thought about getting rid of the mustang and replacing it with the probe.crazy but that really happened. If it wasn't for the mustang fans out there speaking up, mustang could have been history.Ford has GREAT engineers and designers but as far as the mustang goes they listen closely to the people that buy them.A good % of mustang drivers only drive mustangs. It's almost like a cult,and I'm one of them. Since I got my drivers license I only been behind the wheel of a muzzy. This will bee my 6th.Ford realizes that it's my 6th also because they keep track of that in their computer system. Thats no lie.I called them last week expreessing my concerns on how they are not releasing pricing and so on. The operator asked for my name,he typed it into his computer and then he said."so it looks like your going to buy the new one to your history of mustangs huh"? They watch and listen Thats how companies get stats to move on to the future.
    As for the stupid tires that are coming stock on the new car. Maybe that was fords idea of bringing back the retro look.They can't switch the decision now since they already made a contract with Bf goodrich ,But rest asure if this was public knowledge a year ago these tire would NOT be going on the car. We wouldn't have it. I bet the 06's will not have these tires. I don't agree with the tire size but I'll spend the extra $500 to put some real meat on my muzzy. E-bay will have a lot of bf goodrich 235/50/17 tires on sale come september. I know mine will be on there.
  17. I am sure you will get all the info you want, before you (or anyone) will be able to drive away with a 2005 Mustang.

    Job 1 is September 7, and all Ford has to do, is make sure the info is out by then.
  18. Sure I can explain. It has to do with showing the reality. That people cannot be responsible for themselves. They blame anything and everything else. And Ford took a large hit from this. And it ended a long term relationship between Ford and Firestone. Once bitten twice shy kinda thing.

    I have also seemn magazines talk about poor choices of tires. So if you don't think they will take into account the fact that it has all season tires...

    If you were an engineer there. Maybe you would know the reason they chose those tires. But since you are not. You can only accuse them of making a bad choice. Based on high performance tires are better than all season tires. Well DUH of course they are better.

    Uhh part of my post said it was bean counters. Maybe YOU should read my post.

    Sure I know the difference. And I am also sure that Ford knows the difference. And this decision was made for a reason.

    Oh my gosh. What an overly played out excuse. Yea sure they should go back to 165/75/r14's you're right. And let's go back to leaf srpings. And only heck we'll get rid of disc brakes as well. My whole point since you seemed to miss it. Mustangs are driven in cities and and in all kinds of weather. You only have to read other threads on here. To see that people have been concerned with the mustangs handling in snow. And since the number of people that go see twisties on a regular basis. Is going to be smaller than the amount that see city streets daily. And most people won't change the tires for a little while (A year or so depending on tread life and such). Maybe Ford decided to give people a tire they can use for regular daily driving instead of a tire just chosen for it's ability to piss you off.

    I see many people on stock rubber as well. But those people are generally not enthusiasts. They are more often than not. People who look at the car as just transportation. And to them a good day in the twisties is more often driven at speed limit.

    Ford has done wrong on many occasions. And I personally I am not apologizing for them. I am merely trying to show that other factors could have been involved in the decision. Sure Ford could be doing it on the cheap. But why they chose those tires. Instead of just assuming. Of course it would do no good to ask Ford. You'd just assume they were lying.

    Do you honestly not see that there is considerably more money and engineering put into those cars you mentioned. Due to the fact that most of them are at least 2 times the price of a mustang. Let's look at the prices.
    Jaguar xjr $75995 pretty close to mustang price. But just a little higher.
    S-type R $63120 again very close.
    Porsche well you didn't mention a model. But we'll go boxster as it's the cheapest. and hey the 18 inch rim is an option on it. It starts at $51600. Even closer to mustang price. It's what only double the cost?
    Corvette $44,635.
    Now maybe if you compared it to cars in the same price range. Your point would have a little better basis. Like maybe the nissan 350z (Since that seems to be a popular one). They have an optional 18" wheel. And the tires are 245/45/R18.

    It breaks down to this (For me personally). We have an all new suspension,chassis,body,and engine. Do I care that they didn't spend extra money to get better tires? No, I haven't thought very much of Ford's decisions in tires so far. And given that these cars are made for Jane and Joe Average. If money had to be taken from somewhere to be used on something else while meeting a pricing goal. So be it. I would rather have all-seacon tires and a better motor. Than the old 2v with 265hp but high performance tires (Yes that was an exageration. But it was done to make a point).
  19. Look into the new 350Z and G35. I almost bought one. They can't seem to keep a set of tires on their cars. They are bald after 8K miles even with the most laid back driving style.

    But anyways. You can't compare sidewall series without taking into consideration the tires width. Afterall, that aspect ratio is just a percentage or tread width. Also, you must consider rim diameter. This plays into the amount of air the tire holds. As you know, as the temperature rises, air pressure increases. How much temperature change and initial volume, play largely into the initial ford/firestone problem. Due to a piss poor engineering job on the Exploder by ford, they recommended a staggeringly low 26 or 28 psi. This, along with neglect by most soccer moms, led to tire pressures dipping into the low teens without a care in the world. Then take your underinflated tire out on the highway with a car full of kids and now the stress is placed where the sidewall meets the tread. 130+ degree F pavement temps, going 80+ and your tire goes boom, and ford gets sued. Maybe to get the best mileage/treadwear/handling out of the 18" wheel package, ford had to use a lower pressure than they wanted, and instead of rushing the 18" wheel package to showrooms, they are spending more time in R & D. It's not going to cost them car sales..........there is already a huge buzz for it. And for the larger size sidewall on the 17" wheels, it can account for their speedo odometer changes. 18" wheel >17" wheel. If they need the same overall diameter, its going to be made up in the sidewall height.

    I think the bottom line is they want to be 100% certain they are putting a SAFE wheel and tire combo on the market to cover their asses. I don't blame them. Because some idiot is going to neglect their mustang, then go 100+ mph down the highway and crash. Does ford want it to be because of their tire/wheel combo? I doubt it. Everyone sues everyone for anything. My brother clipped a parked car. The owner is Claiming "emotional suffering" with our insurance. And she was in her house when he tapped the car. Our insurance is going to tell her to F off, but seriously? Think about that liability x 100,000.
  20. I almost bought the 350Z myself. I was impressed with the styling and the stats for the car. But then I test drove a track model. And just was no longer impressed by it. I looked into the G35. But the only ones the dealer had were loaded. And I am sorry. But I am not paying $36k for less hp than I have now.

    I agree there is an extreme lack of accountability and everyone wants the no work payday. And Ford should be careful. The whole issue with the explorer is why firestone tires do not come on any Ford anymore. The 05 has pirrelli's.