Time to change trans fluid on manual..

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  1. Well, I read the manual, and I got the DextronIII/Mercon bottles, but does anyone have a indepth guide to change the oil, preferably with pictures, I don't want to screw this car up? my car just hit 60K miles. I can remove the plug and let it drain but how do I know how much ATF to put it back in? Just see how much poured out and pray that I put in about the same amount?

    I know for autos that theres a fluid check tube beside the engine, but sadly thats not the case with a manual. I also heard that some take off the shifter knob and pour it down there.. but again how much? Any other ways?

    Oh, and I did search for transmission fluid, and tranny fluid, but to no avail of a good match..Sorry!
  2. What year car and who made the transmission?
  3. 2000 5spd V6 Stang , T5 transmission
  4. I dont have an answer about how to change it. But if you have the manual, it should be a breeze. One suggestion though...use Royal Purple Sychromesh fluid in there. I heard its the best and will really smooth out the tranny. I'll be doing it sometime in the next few weeks.
  5. i've actually heard some mixed comments on Syncromesh, some said that it was excellent to use, while others claimed that it could eventually wear down the transmission. I don't know who to believe, but I think the best choice, to be safe, is to stick with the manual and go Mercon, possibly Motorcraft brand if i can find it.. :hail2:
  6. just pull the fill plug then the drain plug, drain it . put the drain plug back in. now for the hard part. well its not hard, just slow. get a funnel and some kind of a hose. put the hose in the fill plug and the funnel in the other end of the hose and pour the fluid into the funnel in tell fluid starts to come out the fill plug hole, the fuild level should be even with the bottom of the hole or slighly under it. p.s. make sure the funnel is higher than the fill hole.
  7. Okay I just got done doing this! These are my impressions of this and only that. Do anything you want at your own!

    First off you need a minimum of 2.7 quarts to do the job.

    Second, you need a pump to pump the fluid into the tranny.

    Third lots of towels if you do step two!

    Third, it is a regular 3/8 drive ratchet to get the drain plug out as well as the fill plug.

    Draining was easy as pie.

    Filling it was a pain in the ass! You fill it just until it starts to come back out. That is a pain.

    Next time, I will do it easier with littler mess and lost product!

    Take off the shifter and fill directly into the tranny that way! I would say about 2.5 quarts to account for the fluid that is still inside that did not drain.

    I used Royal Purple Syncromesh and say that I can fill a difference when the car is warmed up. Alot of people in our Club has used it and love it as well.
  8. is there no filter that will need to be changed out?
  9. No filter on manual, only automatics
  10. err, so do I have to have the pump or can I just add it through the shifter?

    [QUOTE='03 6-Speed]is there no filter that will need to be changed out?[/QUOTE]

    Zing! Another one of many peaks of driving a manual Stang! :rlaugh:
  11. Add it through the shifter if you're going to have it off for some reason. If you had a Tremec 3650 refilling with 3L (3.2 quarts) of Dexron III would be just right. Otherwise, I agree with atreyu about refilling to the bottom or just a little below the filler hole.
  12. alright i'll try that, guess i better buy a chilton repair manual too sooner or later.

    Well, after this mess is over with, I need at least a weekend to do some body work to the rear qtr panel.. argh what a pain. Is the factory paint 3 coats or 4? I'm thinking 3... primer, color, clear coat. Meh whatever, plenty of time for that later.

    edit - did you change anything? ehh, it's supposed to be "perks" if i mistyped.
  13. Well actually, different color cars are different in layers of paint.

    Mine, Laser Red has a base, tint and clear coat.
  14. Well, done draining: didn't start until about 9PM, drained it. Watched the last part of the CC600 race, took off the first few layers of the shifter - too much trouble, so I went to get a tube. There were a few spider webs in it so I washed it out, and let it dry overnight.

    Now I'm going to pray that I took off the correct Drain/Fill plug :notnice: .

    It's on the passenger side of the transmission about half way from the shifter and the engine right? The fill is the top one and drain's the bottom.

    Well, as for fluid, I'll stick with DextronIII/Mercon. It's what was originally in there, and it's factory recommended. Sadly it's just SuperTech brand from WalMart - it was all they had, and it's cheap. While it probably won't be as great as brand names like Mobil or Vavoline, etc; I think it should do okay. I doubt that I'll be keeping this car for too long. I might sell off this car for $6500 in a month and spend a bit more to buy a GT.

    Thanks for the advice/tips.
  15. Once you got that first few layers off there are only 4 bolts that hold the shifter on!

    When you are done let us know if it was really worth it or not!

  16. I am using Texaco (Havoline) Dexron III with good results. It's probably not much different than the WalMart SuperTech brand and I plan on keeping this car for a long, long time
  17. well, was it worth it? Probably not, the car didn't feel any different - that's probably a good thing though. It probably done more for me than the car, just to know that it was changed.

    I used the tube, cause everything was already prepared, and cause I was paranoid about dirt getting in the transmission through the shifter.

    As for SuperTech, it's cheap but I think it should be the same thing as the factory fluid - sort of like namebrand and generic drugs. Most of the time, Supertech uses the same source as other namebrands, and often it's just a rebadged product from what I've heard.

    If I had that car, I would keep it for a long time too! Sadly, V8 coupe + college student doesn't bode well for insurance (ouch). Come to think of it, I might just try to sell this car and get a classic mustang or a project car instead of a GT - FD RX7, anyone?
  18. im fixing to change my trans oil myself...taking off the shifter, when you take off the boot and bezel and all that, the four bolts right there, is that the 4 bolts ur talking about? or are there more underneath that, i too have a 2000 mustang, with i assume a t5? whatever came stock in um, let me know thanx
  19. Those are them. That would also be a good time to change shifters to the Tri-Ax?? you have in your sig.
  20. What he has stated is true!