Time to Sell my Parts... My loss, Your gain!!!

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by Cory Gomes, Feb 6, 2012.

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  1. Have quite a few premo parts to sell...

    Meziere elec water pump
    Aeromotive fuel rails
    BeCool dual elec fans
    AFM powerpipe
    Inovators Harmonic balancer
    Bassani full length ceramic headers
    MSD ignition
    MSD coil
    Paxton 6lb supercharger- USED
    Vortech fuel pumps
    16" pony rims w/Hoosier race tires, heat cycled with a single gentle run at Laguna Seca. About 6yrs old but stored indoors, off car. USED
    93 Cobra motor, all electronics, PRO-M, 30lb injectors, matched fuel pumps, throttle body etc. Set up for swap. Less than 60k on all, been sitting for a few years... but honestly solid. USED
    All parts above are new, unused in original package unless specified as USED.
    A project i dreamed of completing, is no longer reality due to financial obstruction.
    Open for all REALISTIC offers.... I am new to this, testing the waters. Thank You!!
  2. Which msd ignition and were the headers for 5spd or auto?
  3. Headers are full length, for 5spd. MSD7 ignition... will get you the exact part number
  4. Thats ok, was looking for auto headers and 6al box
  5. price of headers? and fans please? thanks
  6. how much do you want for the supercharger? and how many miles are on it?>
  8. 1000 for both, otherwise 650 and 450. Thanks
  10. Would like to get 1500, have mounting bracket and idler, no more than 30k on it. Make me an offer, thanks.
  11. Meziere elec water pump

    which model how much
  12. Is the powerpipe for an SC or N/A car? Part #?
  13. Where you located....some interest in the cobra engine.
  14. How much for the water pump and fans?

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  15. Part number and price on the fuel rails?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.