timing and charging help needed...please!!!


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Jan 1, 2009
hey all..i have a big problem i cant get to the bottom of...here goes...
i have a 91 gt with a 306, i bought it with stock injectors....
yesterday i put 24lbs in with the maf and an adjustable fuel reg..set at 40psi.
i put everything together and timed it to 10 degrees....drove it..ran great...let it sit overnight.

this morning got in..started like a chokeless carb...wouldnt stay running without me giving it gas... checked timing..still at 10...noticed tach wasnt working . found fuse blown to tach. fuse also controlled iac circuit...after replacing fuse idled better.
drove down the road had a bad backfire from exhaust above 2500 rpms...letting off gas backfies.

pulled #1 plug. brought up on tdc by setting balancer 0 with timing mark, checked rotor..all in time...tried setting timing again..spout unplugged...timing marks keep bouncing all over the place..have it set to where i believe its 10...dont know why marks keep jumping??

also during all this noticed volt gauge reads 10 vts...figured gauge in dash is wrong...anyways checked alternator..found voltage reg connecter was broke at one time and was glued back to housing...charged battery for an hour..started car..reads 12 vts on gauge but car has a helluva surge now .(didnt have a multi meter here to check charging,),,,..keeps surging between 700 and 1000 rpms...the iac is new. checked timing again and stiil seems to be at 10 but bounces. checked all vaccuum lines..all seems ok...could the alternator lack of charge be causing all my problems??? please help..im pulling my hair out with this car
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Mar 10, 2000
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See the "Surging Idle Checklist for help with all your idle/stall problems. The first two posts contain all the updates to the fixes. At last count there were 24 possible causes and fixes for surging idle/stall problems. I continue to update it as more people post fixes or ask questions.