Timing Belt Change,How often..?

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  1. Hay There . Anyone knows how often, or at what milage I have to change my 2.3 liters timing belt (assembly) ? ?Gonna install a new waterpump tomorrow. Our all season Stang is leaking... It has 105K on the meter, and runs fine. :) (Installed the A4LD gearbox again after rebuilt, and its working ! ) Just a little worryed about the timing belt... :shrug:
  2. I think it calls for every 60k or something. It's not a big deal though. It's a non-interferance engine so it won't bend any valves or anything if it comes off.

  3. they recommend every 60k, but it'll last much longer. the motor in non-interference so i just waited to replace mine once it snapped in half which was around 115k...weirdly enough it was a couple weeks after doin the water pump. if your doin the pump, its prolly a good idea to do the timing belt as well.
  4. U got Big warm Brains..

    Thanks for your fast respond. Non Interferance , thats nice, Puhhh. If I can find the belt (Bad parts situation here...), I will change it together with the waterpump-mission. This car has been stored for nearly six years, and it just fired up after a 4 secound starter run... :) Old fuel, bad battery, and oil fom Flintstones days, But NO problem.. This Stang runs ! (Sorry, didnt see the tech side for 2.3L when I posted this forum. But next time, I promise..) :)
  5. I STRONGLY recommend to change the timing belt when you do the water pump. I had a leaking pump so I changed it and not the timing belt right. WELL wrong idea 3 days later I am driving 75 Miles from the house and the teeth on the belt decided to leave the belt, $145 later in just towing because I couldnt see the belt at the time because of the cover. I had to change the belt, this is a small thing that I will remember always and as a rule Waterpump = Thorough check of the timing belt (it may save you more in the long run) Just a Personal Suggestion!!!!!
  6. Opps, No teeth situation, thats too bad, with towing and everything. Would try to find the timing belt, and if not, No far away from home driving... :)
  7. :scratch:
    how is that possible??non-interferance engine??? :shrug: :scratch:
  8. if the valves are fully open then there's still enough room for the piston at the top of the bore without hitting them.
  9. ic, i was under the imperssion that it would. even the N/A motor with out dished pistons cant touch them??
  10. Theres still room for stroke!
  11. Nope...and turbo motors need over .500 lift before they will even think of hitting.
  12. so how hard is it to change the timing belt?
  13. Not too hard...timing it is the only "hard" part.