Timing Chain Cover Advice

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by jcgafford, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. car is stripped to timing chain. everything cleaned up. ready for reinstall of cover and water pump due to leak. i am at the point where the felpro gasket kit says to cut the oil pan gasket and replace the corners and valley. i just can't do it without asking why. there is a aftermarket felpro blue steel reinforced oil pan gasket there. does that change things?

    jrichker ?
  2. I would not cut the pan gasket. Clean it off real good with some gasoline or solvent and let it dry. It needs to be squeaky clean before you do anything else to it. Then use a fingertip and smear blue silicone sealer on the pan gasket surfaces and reassemble it using the other pieces of the front cover gasket kit.

  3. thats the advice i was hoping for. thanks, have been out wire wheeling all the nuts and bolts waiting for some backup on just reusing the current gasket.
  4. Blue gasket silicone? Reds no good?

  5. seem to be safe either way, blue or red. by the way you saved my butt again with one of your old posts on advance auto part #23744. broke two studs getting them out of the water pump. those kits saved the day. $15.98 + tax instead of $79.99 + tax at the aftermarket sites.
  6. so while it is all stripped apart i am thinking of replacing the timing chain. looks like the lower sprocket has a keyway and can only go on that way. top has a timing mark. so if everything is kept aligned, or better yet i hand turn the engine so the top sprockets mark is at 12' then it should be a simple pull the old part and put on the new correct?