Timing chain rattle? Brand new timing kit


New Member
Jun 1, 2019
Hi all,
I've got a 1999 Mustang 4.6 that I just had out of the car due to a constant timing chain rattle. While it was out, I installed a brand new Ford Performance timing kit, MMR chain Guides, custom grind cams, new valve springs and seals, and I put a 4v oil pump and pickup tube in as well. Install of all the parts went well.

So, I put the engine back in the car, fired it up, took it for a drive and noticed that I can still hear what sounds like the chain rattling around, but ONLY when I was on the gas. It doesn't seem to matter if the clutch is in or not, as long as I'm giving it gas I can hear it. I can't hear it while the car is decelerating, or when it's idling (but that might just be because the car's so loud haha). The oil pressure seems to be fine, it sits around 30psi at 600-ish RPMs warm on my gauge.

Is it possible that I had a Ford chain tensioner fail out of the box? Is there something else I could be missing? I'm going to dig a little deeper tomorrow, I just wanted some extra input. Thanks in advance!
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