Timing chain replace gone bad please help


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Mar 17, 2019
Hi guys, I hope someone can help me out!! I have a 2000 mustang gt 4.6l 2v Windsor. I just bought it and it needs to have the timing chains replaced do to a bad tensioner. So after taking the car in the shop to be looked at I decided to do the job myself to save coast for future in parts. I previously owned a 94 mustang gt that I did a lot of work on and felt confident in doing the timing chain guides and tensioner.
So I got everly thing removed and sure enough the tensioner and guides are bad and the chain is lose. Here is where things go BAD!!! I missed a step and DID NOT SET THE ENGINE AT TDC before removing the tensioner so when I loosened the tensioner the passenger side cam moved from its location and I heard three clicks. I looked over and sure as :poo: the cam slipped from where the tdc mark was sitting before. I then panicked and re installed the tensioner so it wouldn't move more and thought i should attempt to get the engine to tdc. So I turned the crank and it turned a couple small rotations then I can not move the crank anymore in a clock wise rotation so I stopped and here I am PLEASE HELP WHAT SHOULD I DO
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Aug 14, 2009
Houston Texas
Note. for the Ford 4.6 modular motor the initial setting is NOT #1 TDC. It's what Ford calls a "safe point" with all pistons below the deck.

I have a set of cam shaft holding tools that makes the job soooooooooo much easier. Of course likely you are past the point where the cam holding tool will help you.

I also have an inexpensive spring compressor that aids in removing the roller followers.

If I were in your shoes likely I would use my spring compressor to remove all of the roller followers. Remember to keep everything in order so that it can be re-installed in the same location.

It may be necessary to turn the motor over backwards to get some of the cam lobes on to the base circle so that the spring compressor will work. This may take several "passes" to get all of the roller followers onto the cam base circle and then removed. Again don't force it. Also be very careful if trying to rotate the cam using the cam sprocket. Many would be tempted to use the cam bolt but that is not advised.

There are "pin style" holding tools that might make the job of holding or turning the cam sprocket job easier. Many auto parts stores will rent these tools and save the cost of buying an expensive one time use tool.

Once all of the roller followers have been removed the motor and/or cams can be turned in any direction without fear of hurting any valves. Re-time the motor per Ford service manual. Then re-install all of the roller followers. Again several motor turn overs may be needed to get all of the roller followers re-installed. However that this point the motor will be back in time with the timing chains correctly installed.

IMO you are in for a fair amount of work. Take your time. Or your next post might be asking for help on "how to pull a motor".

Trick Flow® Valve Spring Compressors TFS-90518

OTC (6477) Camshaft Holding Tool for Ford
View: https://www.amazon.com/OTC-6477-Camshaft-Holding-Tool/dp/B000K2KZIU/ref=sr_1_6?crid=3F09FZIJDEFL7&keywords=ford+4.6+cam+holding+tool&qid=1552827870&s=gateway&sprefix=ford+4.6+cam+h%2Caps%2C177&sr=8-6

Note. the other way to de-time the motor is to loosen all of the cam caps. However this can be very risky to do as it's easy to bend the cam if not done correctly.
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