Fox Timing Chains, Valve Springs & Cam Material

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  1. Title says it: Three areas I need some advice/opinions on.

    1) Currently run a Melling chain, nothing wrong with it, but its been through 3 cams and I want to replace it this go around when I do my new HCI. Melling recommends not exceeding 6500rpms, which is the max I want to spin my stock block to anyways. I also read good things about the Cloyes timing chain.

    -Question: Are the basic $35 timing chains from these companies reliable enough to take the abuse of a street/strip stroker that sees 6500 rpms, or do I need to spring for one of the more expensive $100+ sets?

    2) Current springs:
    Dual Springs
    1.86 Install Height
    145lbs on seat, around 350-360lbs at .600
    Coil Bind at 1.09

    -Concern/question: Pressures are good. Even if I run a .600 lift cam, I get .170 coil bind clearance (if my math is correct, and I understand the valve spring concepts correctly). I am reading that this is way too much and can cause "spring surge". Thoughts, opinions? Is this too much?

    3) Cam material, billet versus sadi core. I currently run HV oil pump, arp shaft and stock distributor and stock distributor gear. No cam picked out yet. I have run both cam materials with no problems, currently run a billet piece. Is there any truth to sadi core cam gears being eaten when running HV oil pumps? Do I need to ensure I get a billet, or drop down to a standard pump?

    Thanks in advance with the help guys!

  2. What about a good gear drive or belt drive set up?
  3. Gear drives are noisy, and from what I've read, transfer more harmonics into an already weak block. Secondly, both are more costly than the aforementioned $35 pieces. If I was going to spend that much, it would be just as reasonable to purchase a very high quality traditional style timing chain.

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  4. For what its worth, the Summit Brand Billet timing sets are actually SA Gear timing sets. Nice piece for the money. Comes with a torrington bearing and 9 way adjustable crank gear. Youll need to use a 82* countersink bit on the cam thrust plate for the countersunk screws that come with it. About $70. Add a few more smalls things to the order and you skip the shipping charge. Like me, youll be stuck with the tax though.
  5. I've always gone with the standard Ford double roller timing set. The iron one which is like $59. $35 has me too suspicious. Sounds like a Chinese job. The last time, I just replaced the chain and not the gears. The gears don't really wear unless something goes wrong anyway. It's a Cloyes 9-130 or something like that. It fits the Ford set as well. Probably fits almost all of them.

  6. Jut looked at the Summit piece. At $70, it looks to be a good compromise on quality vs. cost. Billet steel on both sprockets, Torrington bearing and true roller.

    Now, any takers on the valve springs or Sadi vs billet?

  7. We ran a roll master billet timing set into the 4.80 range