Timing degrees adjustments

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  1. Im just curious as to what degrees most of you guys set your timing to? Mine is a 99GT so any numbers id really appreciate....thnx guys
  2. Most popular is 14-16*. I personally use 16*. That's what feels the strongest. Every car is different, just test it out or get it dynoed on each degree. :nice:
  3. can you please explain to me how exactly changing the timing works.. Im not really car orientated engine wise really.. what kind of differenecs do youy get from changinf the timing?
  4. Changing the timing refers to the relationship between when the spark plug fires and crankshaft rotation degrees (360). Factory setting is 10 BTDC (before top dead center) which means that the plugs will fire when the piston is 10 crankshaft degrees before TDC. Advancing the timing will make the plugs fire earlier in the engines rotation (most advance the timing on a 4.6 to between 14 & 16). You will generally gain up to 10 hp and 10+ ft/lbs of torque by altering the fire/rotation relationship.
  5. I've been planning on getting a T/A for a while now. What is the prefer brand ya'll use and just importantly to a poor college student... where is the cheapest place to order from or pick it up at?

    John :D
  6. I am also thinking about buying one...how hard is it on the motor when you up the timing...I take it this will void any lasting warranty???
  7. most use steeda. if you've got piggybacked underdrive pullies like I do, then you'll ahve to get a T/A from BBK. Personally, I'm saving up for a set of steeda pullies so I can use their T/A.
  8. Advanced timing is not hard on the engine at all as long as you do not have spark knock/detonation.
  9. hahah well, wouldn't you know it. I went by pro3I to grab a set of bolts to put my MAC piggybacked crank pulley back on when lo and behold, I walked out the door with a set of steeda pulleys AND a timing adjuster. They're both on now and I think there is a slight problem. The magnet that is I assume supposed to sit just a hair away from the timing wheel is actually barely rubbing against the wheel. Is this bad? Will this cancel out the advanced timing? I've got it set at 14* (no pinging yet) and a full tank of 93 octane. I thought about pushign it higher but I want to be sure that the rubbing wont hurt anything.

    I followed the directions and everything fits like a glove..just a little too close to the wheel i guess. the instructions say it's supposed to be like 0.08 to 0.04 inches away from each other. How far a distance is that in millimeters?? Mabey I can stick a small piece of paper between the block and the little timing arm to make some space. I'll wait till I hear from you guys. It drives fine now but not $150 better. :(
  10. Alright since these knucleheads here in DeKalb's Autzone... Napa is closed :mad:... don't know a U-joint from their butthole what exactly should I ask for. They don't understand what I am talking about when I ask for a Timing Adjustor, they keep going to their computer to order me timing chains. lol

  11. proper way to adjust base timing for max performance= go get a vacuum guage and set the timing idling untill max idling vacuum is achived then lock it down. Every engine and region of location (north and south) will be different and thats why thats the best way to do it.
  12. Autozone guys don't know crap about what you are asking them. They only really know some info about common replacement parts. Napa wont, and neither will Oriellys - Stay outta those places unless you need oil, or spark plugs !
  13. I tend to agree. But I had a all afternoon and I want to wrench on something. lol Screw it, I'm just going to order it from Summit.
  14. From Summit for...

    That seems outragously high to me. :shrug:

  15. That's about the same or more than the Steeda. Im not impressed with BBK's stuff I'd get the Steeda's !
  16. Can't, I don't have Steeda pullies.
  17. UPR makes a piggyback ready T/A also. Same price as the rest of em. Looks sharp as well.
  18. Steeda Timing Adjuster

    will the timing adjuster void any warranty?
  19. Also, you have to use high octane gas, right?
  20. If someone wants a Steeda T/A, I know where to find one for $105 shipped. *hint hint*