Timing Question

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by undercover50, Dec 26, 2003.

  1. Can I advance my timing without a timing light? Which way do i turn dis. to advance timing. A guy told me that my timing was at 14 degrees but i put in 87 by mistake and I had no pinging. I have an e303 cam and trickflow intake does this sound right.

  2. Beg Borrow Or steal a timing light, don't leave anything up to chance.
  3. ditto....theres no way to guess where its at.
  4. remember to take out the little shunt to let the computer go into timeing mode, its near the dist. it a little black clip that connects two wires togeter.

  5. Its called a spout. :nice:

  6. It's a spout connector, It's dangling by the dist, every one I've come across was grey.
  7. Thanks I'll pick up one today......
  8. timing lights are fun =D

    my spout was grey my friend was black on his 92......so i guess just depends on the color looked a lil different too
  9. I like that word shunt
  10. shunt? where the heck did i come up with that word from, it seems i stutter when i type
  11. Shunt circuit- a closed circuit in which the current divides into two or more paths before recombining to complete the circuit.

    I think Electronics school is the only other place I've heard the word shunt, but it still makes me giggle for some reason.
  12. You could advance the timming without a light, just turn it like 1/5th of an inch, tighten the distributer back down, go for a ride, if it pings, put in higher octane or move the distb back a tiny bit.

    Only difference is you wont know what exact timming your at, but that doesnt matter.
  13. Dude, athough this may work... Sometimes you can't hear detonation. You didn't even mention pulling the spout connector. Do you know about the spout connector? Not to mention the fact that using high base timing even if it's not detonating isn't always the best timing for your vehicle. Example: My base timing was at 16*, no overheating and no detonation. I had the car dynoed. I then RETARDED the timing to 14* and gained horsepower and torque. This is just like guessing fuel pressure. Even if you know exactly how to read plugs, it's best to get it dynoed to see the air fuel ratio. It may be rich or lean in a certain RPM range.

    Stop giving this guy opinions and give him facts. Buy or borrow a timing light and set your timing correctly! Also, know what you're timing is and what makes the most power for your car because every car is different. The timing marks on the factory harmonic balancer are known for being inaccurate.