Timing, tfi module hitting my water out let


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Mar 18, 2022
Hello guys new here. I have a 90 fox and after installing my vortech I had to get my car back into time. So I got my number one cylinder at tdc and my balancer at 0. Once I stabbed my distributor in it left my rotted pointing to the 1 o’clock position I made sure the cap was also in the right location with rotter. Problem is when I get my engine to advance timing at 10 degrees it leaves my tfi module hitting my water out let. My distributor maxed out. So I tryed several ways to relocate the distributor but when I do my distributor ends up to far back and now my fuel rail won’t let it advance. Not sure what to do has anyone gone through this before. I appreciate you guys. Thanks
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Put lubricant all over the balls
Mod Dude
Feb 18, 2001
Lift the dist up far enough to move the rotor over one tooth clockwise. That will allow you to rotate the dist body slightly counterclockwise.
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