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  1. will someone please tell me the proper way to time te 94 gt from tdc and stabbing the distributor in....
    reason is, I run 12 degrees base timing with 89 octain, and it pings at about 45-5000 rpm.
    ive changed the distributor but was sure I stabbed in correctly.
    also I thing I have a bad lifter on the passenger rear cylinder.
    thanks once again
  2. Step #1 - Remove the Serpentine Belt
    Step #2 - Remove the #1 Spark Plug
    Step #3 - Ensure the car is in Neutral
    Step #4 - Get a 15/16" Socket and Ratchet
    Step #5 - Put Ratchet on Crank and being to turn over the engine while holding thumb over the #1 spark plug hole, eventually when you come around to the compression stroke, the air in the cylinder will start to push your thumb off the spark plug hole
    Step #6 - STOP, look down at your balance, note where the timing pointer is on the harmonic balancer, it should be coming around towards -0- TDC.
    Step #7 - Continue to slowly crank the engine over passing -0- TDC, and stopping on 10* BTDC.
    Step #8 - STOP - we will now look at the distributor cap
    Step #9 - Identify where the #1 Spark Plug Wire is or will be, and using a marker run a line down the side of the cap so with the cap off you will know where the #1 contact would be.
    Step #10 - Remove the cap, and see where the rotor is pointed. It needs to be dead center on this line you drew, this would mean that the timing is at 10* BTDC (approx. only way to do it 100% is with a light, but this will get you well within reason).
    Step #11 - Turn it until you get it dead center as shown in the pic.
    Now just to take this a bit further, that will help if you already re-installed the distributor. If you have not yet put it back in, then do so. You need to keep in mind a few things:
    #1 - The TFI module needs to be positioned so that you can turn the dizzy a bit to the left and a bit to the right.
    #2 - If you can not get the rotor and the line you drew lined up, you are a tooth or more off, and need to pull out the distributor, move the rotor a tad, and try again. Eventually it will line up.

    curtosy of notchabove

    Timing should be at 10* so try the steps above. and set it to 10 and then test drive to see if it pings, if not then bump to 12 and check...if it does just run 10*
  3. ya ill do it Saturday....im getting awesome fuel milage 17 lper 110 k in the city?
    thanks man!