"tinted" Taillights

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  1. Hi, I am not too sure if this is the right place to post this- but here goes :S
    I have a '99 GT which is Dark Green, I want to make the tail lights black/ really dark- have any of you done this? any pointers or products you reccomend? Thanks
  2. Summit sells a product called "Night Shades" that you can spray the inside of to darken them as much as you want.
  3. If you have the time and patience, you may want to give window film a try. I remember seeing it on the internet somewhere, may have even been on here. I've done it on a few friends' cars when I've done their windows for them and it has turned out pretty nice. I usually use a 35% film so that they aren't too dark (you will more than likely get pulled over with anything darker). Plus, with the film you can always remove it if you do get pulled over or just don't like the way it looks.

    P.S. Whatever you do don't pull the Neon trick and use black panty hose:rlaugh:
  4. :rlaugh: lol I won't

    for that summit stuff- why do I have to spray on the inside? do I have to spray on the inside for all sprays?
  5. Spray the outside of lights. Adding clearcoat is optional for longivity.
  6. Not sure if you want PM nmcgrawj he used the night shades on his car. I remember him saying he did it on the inside but not 100%.
  7. Use the VHT Night Shades. Spray it on the inside of your lenses then clear coat the outside. It will come out spectacular.
  8. for that site that 5.0 GT kid mentioned, it says...

    For show, competition and off-road use only.

    has anyone had problems with the law on this topic?
    it would be nice if a LEO can't pull me over for this.
  9. I have a buddy who has that on his car for abour 8 months now...no problems yet.
  10. The main issues with tinting the rears is if the rear reflectors are no longer visible when lit, from 500' to the rear.

    I would highly recommend doing the inside of the lens as opposed to the outside
  11. I have a whole page on this mod on my site ......

    There is NO reduced outward light from the brakes as a result. They work fantastic. Easy mod.

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  12. I did mine using the VHT Nightshades. A couple light coats with some sanding inbetween with like 800 grit. Then a couple sprays of clear and they look factory. Never had a problem from the cops with them either.