Tinted Windows

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  1. I called Ziebart (local store thats does tints) and i asked how much it would cost to get all windows except the from window tinted about 20% and he said it would be about $200... WTF i have friends that gotten tints for around 120 or 150.. the guy did ask what kind of car i drive so im assuming it costs a lot more to the windows tinted on a mustang?

    How much did it cost for you guy to get your tints?
  2. IDK, got it for my birthday from my GF :nice:

    I do know it was less than $200 though.
  3. we have zeibarts here in western ny and i paid $135 to have my rear window..side rear and pass/driver front windows done i have the rear limo total black and the front ones are 1 shade illegal
  4. I had my windows tinted through a guy in atlanta for 200 bucks. 28 percent. Mustangs are much cheaper than other cars, because of less windows, however, it's a thing, you get what you pay for. If you wanna pay a hundred bucks, and get windows that peel, don't line up well, have little horrible edges, then go ahead, however, my 200 dollar window tint, you can't tell that it is even aftermarket, looks like the glass was made that way.

  5. i paid 150 for what i have (in my sig)
  6. I paid $95 for everything tinted, then again I know the dude that did them. he would charge about 120, 130 on average...200, Is too much In my opinion.
  7. i did my own.
  8. i paid about 225 for mine. it was a little on the pricey side, but it was the best place in town so the quality is worth it. hiattwl is right, you get what you pay for.:nice:
  9. I payed 119 bucks for 20% all around :) Lifetime warrenty.
  10. Mine was about 110 at a shop in town, and the place has a lifetime warranty that if it ever peels or gets bubbly or anything they will replace it for free.
  11. Most places around here just charge by the number of windows being tinted. The size of the windows usually doesn't matter, just a flat rate per window. He may be charging you the same to tint your quarters as your rear window. Ripoff? Yes. Can you do anything about it? Probably not unless you do it yourself.