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  1. I've searched StangNet Forums for any tips and suggestions for optimizing Sync, but all I really found was a Sync-bashing thread:

    I'm interested in optimizing my utilization of Sync.

    So far, it has been painful. Let me give you two examples. First, trying to play music. Second, trying to make a call.

    For some reason, Sync defaults to Line In (Auxiliary) even though I don't have anything plugged into that port when I start the car. I always get in the car, select the speak button on the steering wheel, and say, "USB".

    From here I get completely mixed and unreliable results.

    I will hit the speak button and say, "Play all," and it will ask, "Play music by [artist]?"

    Sometimes, after several attempts, I end up using the media button and manually selecting Play All on the radio dash.

    For trying to call my home, I will hit the speak button and say, "Call home," and, I'm not kidding, it will say, "Calling Wal-Mart."

    Note that the iPhone is connected via bluetooth for phone services but hard connected via USB for media functionality.

    What tips and suggestions do you have for optimizing utilization of Sync?

    Please note and respect that I'm not interested in going aftermarket; I want to use what I have in this case.
  2. Did you go through the voice recognition set up drill? It takes about 5 minutes to walk you through saying a whole bunch of phrases. That helped mine a lot. I used to argue with it... it really gets confused when you yell "No! Not F__CKING WalMart! I said call HOME you [email protected]$$!". I don't know how to make it understand that, but the setup drill really helped mine understand me better.

    As to the line in default, mine does that every once in a while, but I can't figure out why, so no help there.
  3. How does one start the setup wizard? I just checked the manual and didn't see such an option. Do you have a page reference that I can use?

    I went to to look up more info. It was helpful.

    Some synonyms just don't work, and I need to stop thinking of Sync as Siri.
  4. I don't have the manual handy. I just bumbled through all the setup menus until I found it. Sorry I can't be more help, but car's now in storage, and I'm about 900 miles away.

    It can't be too hard to find--I found it. :D
  5. I've never seen a voice setup like that either.

    Sometimes mine works amazing well, will recognize a tough phrase with the windows down at speed. Other times it can be totally unresponsive, laggy, or butcher the recognition.

    For the Aux in thing, try power the system off before you kill the car, then give it 15 seconds after starting the engine next time before you start the stereo. It seems like Sync polls the USB too quickly and moves on.

    Sometimes mine will refuse to go into any Aux mode. Keeps kicking back to AM radio, no voice prompt, nothing.

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  6. Ttt

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  7. I have the same frustration. 90% of the time I play my music through bluetooth and it's frustrating to click through the menus to get to the streaming mode. Hopefully someone will find a way to lock settings so this crap becomes less of an issue.
  8. voice recognition is overrated, i haven't had any issues with mine..but i don't use it that often...