tips to shine and clean black???

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  1. does any one have any tips to clean and shine black (keep water spots away etc.)

    This is the most useful wax/sealant that I have ever used. The website is great for tips etc. :nice:

  3. the first thing you need to know about zaino is that it is a polish, not a doesn't really protect all that well..just makes what you have shine really nice. you need to claybar the car, get it down to the paint, and then put some good WAX on it...I like the new turtle wax extreme gloss...I used to live by zaino until I tried the turtle wax stuff. After you get a couple of good coats down, maintain it with some touch up spray..should keep the black looking really nice.
  4. I have a black car and use Meguiars NXT tech wax. Does a great job keeping it clean and shinning. Like 98stang said - you have to prep good before the wax. A good paint cleaner will take off most water spots.
    Good luck. :nice:

  5. I second the Turtle wax extreme gloss....that stuff puts Zymol & Meguiars(sp?) NXT to shame shine wise...i did parts of my hood at once. The Turtle wax had the "deepest" gloss shine on my black car :flag:
  6. I use a claybar on mine about once every 2 weeks or so. That helps remove all of the junk from the paint and it makes it easier to wax.

  7. I'm a memeber on both those guy know there chit hands down. I would do this 1)wash 2)claybar 3)rewash 5)Klasse All-In-One paint cleaner 6) Pinnacle Souveran Paste Wax Pinnacle Souveran wax specificly designed for dark colors.

  8. Do you use that stuff? I cant justify spending $70 on wax....i just did mine today. Meguiars Paint Cleaner, Meguiars Polish, then Turtle wax ultra gloss paste wax. I cant imagine the shine being much better then what it is now.

    Have you done a comparison? The only advantage to spending the extra money on those expensive waxes or polishes is if they last a long time.

    Who knows :shrug:
  9. The Pinnacle Souveran Paste Wax is designed for Dark colored cars mines white so no I haven't. From the detailing forums listed those guys swear by it. I use Klasse AIO and top it off with Meg's #16 (<-discontinued unfortunately), going from using 3m premium car wax to Meg's #16 on the advice of those guys. I can tell you OMG huge improvement on shine and longevity. Think of it this way turtle wax=Typhoon and Pinnacle Souveran Paste Wax=E-brock why would you pay more for the e-brock over the typhoon. The answer is quality, longevity (3 months+), the one thing I have learned researching "proper" detailing is why would someone spend $$ on a car then use inferior or less qualified products to protect their investment. Here's another one that the detailing gurus say it's great P21S seriously the detailing forums listed go there and use there "search button" and you WILL be amazed at what you thought was good is considered unworthy. Using the right tool for the right job also aplies to detailing, waxes designed for dark car are going to do a better shine/protectant than a universal wax. is like the stanget of detailing forums.

  10. Thanks for the tip man. I will have to check out the other forums when i get a chance. I guess the main reason i thought why spend the extra money is because i have heard so many people compare Zaino to wax's like Meg's, turtle wax and zymol. And zaino is more expensive than that dark wax u mentioned above.

    I guess there is only one way to tell if it works or not...and thats to try it.
  11. Ummm...Zaino is a sealant, ask anyone on Autopia and they will tell you it is a sealant. Zaino is one of the most durable last step products there is. If you truly lived by it you would have known this; unless, of course, you failed to prepare the surface correctly.

    For black, there are several different options you have. If I were to detail your car I would:

    1. Wash
    2. Clay
    3. Wash again to get clay residue off
    4. Polish with Poorboy's SSR 2.5
    5. Polish with Poorboy's SSR 1
    6. Polish with Clearkote's Vanilla Moose
    7. Seal with Poorboy's EX w/ Carnuba
    8. Top 2x with Clearkote Carnuba Moose Wax

    It is quite a bit of work, especially if you do not have a dual action orbital (PC), but you will have the best looking car on the block. Not only will it be swirl free, it will be beautifully deep and dark, you will fall in love, I gurantee it.

  12. There are several ways to clean and shine black up, but if you are working with an orange, it's really not going to matter what you do. There isn't enough clear coat on factory paint jobs to wet sand and buff enough to get that show-room shine. I'm not saying you can't wetsand and buff factory paint, I just don't think there is enough clear to sand off with the risk of burn-through. The prep/paint/color sanding/buffing work is 98% of the shine. Just my .02 cents.


  13. try turtle wax, and you will no longer be wasting your money on zaino 5 coats of zaino vs 5 coats of turtle wax...there is no comparison

  14. you thought one coat was good? do 5...truly remarkable!
  15. Zaino is a sealant not a wax therefor it will be more cost effective than Turtlewax. Sealeants outlast carnuba waxes by leaps and bound so your 5 coats will not last as long as a few coats of a sealant. Therefor you WILL use more Turtle wax than you would Zaino causeing you to waste more $$ on buying more Turtlewax than you would buying a sealeant in this case Zaino.
  16. how am i supposed to get rid of 10 years worth of those swirl marks off my black car (factory paint)??... i can wax a thousand times and still wont get any better when the sun hits it because of those swirl marks.. also, is there any way of fixing the crazy swirl marks left by one of my friends with scratch compound(micro silica gel maybe???) who tried to get out some monster scratches?
  17. Why use SSR 1 and Vanilla Moose after using SSR 2.5 :shrug:. The SSR 2.5 is a bit more abrasive than both SSR 1 & VM I don't see the need to use them after applying SSR 2.5 the all do the same thing except the SSR 2.5 is more abrasive. Wouldn't it be better to
    1. wash
    2. clay
    3.wash again
    4. SSR 2.5
    5. Klasse all-in-one
    6. A sealent or carnuba wax of your choice (Pinnacle Souveran Paste)?
    Any feed back woud be great..
  18. I'm not sure how much of a difference it would make if you're doin it by hand, but if you're usin some kind of a buffer, it would be similar to the process of say takin that intake off your stang and buffin it up so it's shiney. Start out with the more abrasive product to get down and do the dirty work....get all the crap off your paint and get rid of the swirling. Then as you use the less abrasive products after that, your paint will shine more and more with each step. If you're a picky person about the way your paint looks, it's definitely worth the effort. Last fall after tons of reading up on autopia, i decided to take the plunge and get a porter cable and some good products and go to town on my black cobra. I was astonished at how much of a difference it makes. I've been using Menzerna's Intensive polish and their Final polish and couldn't be happier. The difference in the high end products and most of the store bought stuff goes beyond just how it looks when you're done. One of the HUGE differences I've noticed with my menzerna is how incredibly easy it goes on and comes back off. If you're truly into your car, it's definitely worth the extra cash. Just my .02
  19. Hi guys, I need some assistance please. I recently noticed what appears to be (or what I think may be) several black magic marker "marks" (covering scratches, I think) on my black snake. Don't ask, I have no idea what kind of moron would do this. My cobra is a recent purchase and wasn't readily noticable until certain light conditions.

    Anyway, I was able to rub out a couple marks with a fairly light rubbing from a wet lint-free paper towel, but the rest need something else. I'm told I may need a finish restorer, rubbing compound..or maybe denatured alcohol. Please advise me what I should do/use. Thanks!